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Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Shanon Roberts, on 04 Feb 2021

LinkedIn News and Trends for 2021

Often overlooked in years past, LinkedIn has come into its own as a powerful marketing channel. This professional networking platform connects business people and entrepreneurs, and the high success rates of its marketing tools means it's certainly w...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Charlie Svensson (Guest Author), on 02 Sep 2020

Social Media Marketing for Small Business: How to Get Started

Social media has changed the way we interact and communicate with each other, and it has heavily influenced how consumers shop and do business. Currently, there are over 3.2 billion people in the world with a social media account, accounting for 42% ...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Shanon Roberts, on 25 Aug 2020

What is Social Media Listening? Definition, Benefits, and Steps

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? While the common answers are typically flying or super speed, if you ask a marketer they’ll likely answer telepathy or supersonic hearing. Read more

Tags: Online Marketing & Digital Marketing, Native Advertising, Social Media & Social Ads, Content Marketing By Laia Cardona, on 01 Aug 2020

How to publish articles in Pulse, the LinkedIn blog!

LinkedIn, the social network for professionals and companies for excellence, has gone a step further with the creation of Pulse, a curious Blogging platform that also acts as a news aggregator, which among other functions, allows all LinkedIn users t...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Dany Ortiz, on 30 Apr 2020

What is a Microinfluencer?

We know you’ve heard of influencers, but do you know what a microinfluencer is?Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Sara Martin, on 27 Apr 2020

How to Use Reddit In Your Marketing Strategy

When you think about which channels to use in your marketing strategy, you probably don't immediately think about Reddit. However, this social network has a lot of active users and a limitless number of niches and topics.Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Berta Ventura, on 23 Apr 2020

Essential Guide to LinkedIn Advertising

If your company is B2B or offers attractive services for professionals, advertising on LinkedIn is the way to go. But when compared to other options, like Facebook Ads, it may seem like there isn’t as much information about LinkedIn advertising.Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Chantal India, on 20 Mar 2020

Instagram Stories for Brands: Ideas, Best Practices, and Examples

Are Instagram Stories an active part of your brand’s social media strategy? With over 500 million daily active users (aka half Instagram’s total user base), it should be. Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Shanon Roberts, on 05 Mar 2020

Instagram Influencer Marketing: A Definitive Guide

Influencer marketing has completely exploded in the last few years. Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Shanon Roberts, on 13 Feb 2020

How to Increase Social Media Engagement (With Examples)

When it comes to social media marketing, there is a fine line between engaging and annoying. Overly promotional posts can alienate your audience, and bland content can leave your brand with plenty of followers but zero interactions.Read more