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Tags: Data Science By Héctor Borrás, on 12 Oct 2021

Tracking URL: What It Is and How It Works

URL tracking is the process of adding unique identifiers to your URLs. A URL Tracker can help you measure the impact of your digital marketing campaigns on leads, sales, and overall business growth. You can use gathered analytics to establish which c...Read more

Tags: Data Science By Pere Munar, on 11 Feb 2021

What Is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

In today’s online world customer data is being generated at every turn. There are dozens and possibly hundreds of customer touch points during the path towards a sale. Collecting, organizing and analyzing that data is a serious challenge, and that’s ...Read more

Tags: Data Science By Pep Canals, on 31 Oct 2019

How To Do Keyword Research for PPC or Google Ads (Step-by-Step)

One of the most important things to do before you start a SEM or Google Ads campaign is to conduct keyword research to understands what keywords your target audience is using when they search for your products or services in Google. By understanding ...Read more

Tags: Strategy, Data Science By David Tomas, on 26 Jul 2019

What is a Customer Data Platform and its advantages in digital marketing?

Managing customer data is one of the biggest challenges we face in digital marketing. If you’re looking to effectively manage your customer data, a customer data platform may be the solution for you. This new technology for improving and optimizing w...Read more