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Cyberclick's marketing blog offers the latest insights into digital marketing and online advertising, with a focus on numerical data, insider knowledge, and emerging trends.

Tags: Data Science By Pep Canals, on 7 May 2024

Data as a Service (DaaS): Understanding its Purpose and Applications

Data as a Service (DaaS) encompasses a collection of strategies and processes designed to effectively manage extensive datasets, transforming them into actionable insights. Similar to data science, its objective is to optimize decision-making process... Read more

Tags: Data Science By Pere Munar, on 11 April 2024

What Is Data Privacy? Understanding Its Significance Today

At its core, data privacy refers to the rights and practices concerning the proper handling, consent, and use of personal information, ensuring that individuals' data is collected, processed, and shared in a manner that respects their privacy prefere... Read more

Tags: Data Science By Pere Munar, on 2 April 2024

Understanding Single Customer View for Improved Marketing Strategies

The single customer view is a record that stores data about each individual customer a company has and allows you to create better digital marketing and sales strategies, enhancing results, and providing consumers with what they need. Read more

Tags: Inbound Marketing, Data Science By Pere Munar, on 29 February 2024

Optimizing Your Inbound Marketing with a Dashboard

A dashboard visually displays key metrics and KPIs crucial for achieving objectives in inbound marketing. But why is it important, and how can it be made truly useful? Read more

Tags: Data Science By Pep Canals, on 18 January 2024

Cohort Analysis: What It Is and How It Helps Increase Sales

If you are constantly seeking ways to boost sales, then cohort analysis can be a valuable strategy for you. It functions as a user segmentation method that analyzes historical user behavior to identify patterns or changes and take targeted actions. H... Read more

Tags: Data Science By Pere Munar, on 14 December 2023

2024 Data and Analytics Trends: What's on the Horizon?

Undoubtedly, data analysis and big data have led a revolution in the marketing landscape in recent years, fundamentally altering how companies harness information for their campaigns. The common thread among major players in the advertising realm is ... Read more

Tags: Data Science By Pere Munar, on 2 November 2023

Applied Data Science: Turning Insights into Action

Data science is the process by which valuable information is extracted from raw data. It involves different disciplines such as programming, statistics, mathematics. In the corporate realm, data science plays a crucial role by providing a wealth of o... Read more

Tags: Data Science By Pere Munar, on 4 October 2023

How to Use Data Analysis to Improve Returns in Your Ecommerce

The ROI, or return on investment, of an ecommerce is one of the most important metrics to track. Through data science, this metric can be greatly improved and, once you know the steps you need to take to do this, you can improve your ROI and take you... Read more

Tags: Data Science By Héctor Borrás, on 25 September 2023

Dimensionality Reduction: A Powerful Tool for Marketing Analytics

In the world of data-driven marketing, businesses strive to connect with potential customers and maximize their return on investment (ROI). In this complex landscape of growing data science, dimensionality reduction is a powerful tool to help busines... Read more

Tags: Data Science By Pere Munar, on 13 September 2023

What Are Large Language Models (LLM)?

When you hear the term large language models, you might be quite sure what this means but what if you ask you ChatGPT? In this article, we'll take a closer look at these AI and data science tools to find out how they work and all the benefits they ca... Read more