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Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Jessica Bubenheim, on 26 May 2021

How to Make Money on Instagram and Get More Followers

With beautiful photos, live videos, fun stories, and now Reels, it’s safe to say Instagram is one of the most diverse and popular social media apps on the market. But beyond just being entertaining, it’s actually possible make money on Instagram. Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Ester Solsona, on 21 May 2021

9 Great Tools for Scheduling Social Media Content

Having a presence on social networks allows brands to interact with their followers in a much closer way. However, despite the many advantages, a lot of companies don't properly manage their social networks because they do not have a content marketin...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Chantal India, on 10 May 2021

Influencer Marketing in 2021: Data and New Trends

Influencer marketing involves using the profiles of influencers on social networks to advertise a product or service. In other words, influencer marketing is just a relationship between a company and a person who has a relatively high level of visibi...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Laia Cardona, on 07 May 2021

How to Advertise on TikTok: Step by Step Guide

TikTok is the new kid in town in the social media world. And up until fairly recently, it was thought of as only a Gen Z app. Now, as TikTok is gaining more momentum outside of Gen Z circles, advertisers are beginning to build up their TikTok adverti...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Laia Cardona, on 07 May 2021

What Is a Digital Ad Trafficker & What Do They Do?

In the digital marketing industry, new needs (and therefore new jobs) are constantly popping up. The demand for skills related to digital marketing is growing much faster than the supply of professionals. A great example of this is digital ad traffic...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By David Tomas, on 23 Apr 2021

What Are Social Media Ads? Examples & Types of Social Media Advertising

Social media ads are one of the quickest and most effective ways to connect with your target audience. These ads provide plenty of profitable opportunities and are a great way to boost your digital marketing campaigns. These small but mighty ads util...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Berta Ventura, on 26 Mar 2021

Social Networks: What Content to Create for Each Platform

Social networks are key when it comes to content marketing, as they are a useful channel through which a company or brand can make itself known and maintain a relationship with its customers. However, being present on social networks does not necessa...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Chantal India, on 12 Mar 2021

The Best Brands on TikTok: 10 Accounts to Inspire your Strategy

TikTok burst onto the social media scene in a big way in 2020. With short, engaging videos TikTok achieves a remarkable engagement rate and was one of the most downloaded applications last year. While some argue it’s only for a Gen Z audience, TikTok...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Clàudia Martínez, on 04 Mar 2021

What Is A Good Engagement Rate for the Different Social Networks?

Engagement rate is one of the primary measurements for any social media marketing campaign. But what is a good engagement rate? With so many marketing channels and measurements to keep track of, it can be difficult for marketers to know what constitu...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Shanon Roberts, on 04 Feb 2021

LinkedIn News and Trends for 2021

Often overlooked in years past, LinkedIn has come into its own as a powerful marketing channel. This professional networking platform connects business people and entrepreneurs, and the high success rates of its marketing tools means it's certainly w...Read more