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International Digital Marketing Strategist

Tags: Social Marketing By Shanon Roberts, on 13 Jul 2021

Experiential Marketing: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Experiential marketing is a great strategy to get consumers interested in your brand. As you’ve probably guessed, experiential marketing is exactly what it says on the tin: it’s about marketing an experience. A powerful tool in your marketing plan, i...Read more

Tags: Digital Advertising By Shanon Roberts, on 12 Jul 2021

Amazon Ads: How to Make an Effective PPC Campaign

Amazon ads are one of the most interesting digital advertising options on the market. Unlike Facebook Ads or Google Ads, Amazon ads target users who are predisposed to buy, so it's much easier to generate sales. However, as with any digital marketing...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Shanon Roberts, on 02 Jun 2021

What Is Multichannel Marketing?

Multichannel marketing uses a mixture of marketing techniques and channels to reach new and existing customers. Multichannel marketing can include email, direct mail, social media, events, paid ads, physical locations, and more. This approach allows ...Read more

Tags: Online Marketing & Digital Marketing By Shanon Roberts, on 28 May 2021

What Is a CTA in Marketing?

Your call to action or CTA can have a direct effect on your conversion rates and revenues. Great ad copy and content are essential in marketing but a CTA encourages and directs users to actively participate. How many times have you clicked because of...Read more

Tags: Content Marketing By Shanon Roberts, on 12 May 2021

How to Promote Your Podcast

Podcasting has exploded both as a content delivery platform and as a means of marketing. There are currently over 2,000,000 podcasts, 48,000,000 episodes and 50% of US households include at least one podcast listener. These numbers are only growing a...Read more

Tags: Native Advertising By Shanon Roberts, on 12 May 2021

7 Best Examples of Native Advertising

Native Advertising is all around though you may not even realize it! This style of digital advertising is a completely unique format, because it combines advertising with content. Read more

Tags: Marketing Viral By Shanon Roberts, on 30 Apr 2021

Viral Marketing Examples: 7 Great Campaigns and Their Effects

Viral marketing seems like magic for marketers. It’s an organic, insanely rapid way to spread awareness about a brand, product, or service, yet the chances of creating viral content are very slim.Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Shanon Roberts, on 28 Apr 2021

How to Optimize Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Customer engagement is one of the most important aspects of doing business today. Customer service and retention are no longer sufficient, brands need to engage with customers across a variety of channels in ever more creative ways to stay relevant. ...Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Shanon Roberts, on 08 Apr 2021

Dropshipping: What It Is & How It Can Help Your Business

Dropshipping is an extremely attractive fulfillment option for many eCommerce brands. That’s because dropshipping requires less upfront investment and means an online shop can be managed from anywhere. If you have online marketing skills but don’t wa...Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Shanon Roberts, on 29 Mar 2021

Hubspot Sales: How It Can Help Grow Your Brand

Hubspot is one of the most comprehensive marketing solutions available. It is usually associated with action automation, but it also has a sales component that helps consolidate all the information about current and potential customers: Hubspot SalesRead more