Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing: The digital marketing that attracts and converts


Most of the internet users claim to be exhausted from invasive advertising, which is why inbound markerting has been strongly implemented as a digital marketing strategy.

The Inbound Marketing methodology is based on attracting potential customers through valuable, useful and relevant content for each stage of the buyer journey. With Inbound Marketing, potential clients end up finding your business through different digital channels, such as search engines, social networks, blogs or your website.

The Inbound methodology differentiates itself from traditional digital marketing in the sense that it doesn´t force users to watch, respond or interact with the ads, on the contrary, it seeks to attract the consumers´attention through content specifically designed to satisfy the needs or answer the questions of your ideal customer (buyer persona). This way, it only attracts qualified prospects, generates confidence, and builds credibility for your brand and business.


Why do you need to incorporate the inbound marketing methodology in your business strategy?

The inbound methodology is the best way to attract strangers, convert them into clients and even make them avid followers of your brand.

The 4 stages of the inbound marketing strategy are:

  • Attract. Inbound marketing is not about getting tons of visits in your website, but about attracting those who are really interested in what you offer, and also have the potential of making a purchase and becoming a satisfied customer. This is quality traffic is achieved by offering valuable content for the user at the right time (meaning when they are looking for it in order to solve a problem or satisfy a particular need).
  • Convert. Once you have gotten to attract relevant visits to your website, the next step is to convert those visits into sales opportunities. To achieve this, you have to initiate a conversation with the user in the way that is best suited for them, for example, using forms, messages or downloadable content for them to start interacting with your brand. Once you get their data, you will be able to get in touch with them, and therefore, be available to answer all their questions and offer them more customized content, so that you can grow the relationship through constant communication.
  • Close. once you have achieved attracting quality visits to your website and establish constant communication with your potential customers, it is time to transform the communication into sale opportunities. The most efficient method will depend on the sales tools available for you and the particular needs of each one of your potential clients. You will have to plan ways to catch their attention by making tailored offers and close the deal successfully.
  • Delight. The inbound marketing methodology is based on offering an experience of excellence to each customer. Moreover, with time, users have become more demanding with businesses and customer service. Which is why, it is important to be available for when they need you, and help them solve their problems and needs through the right interaction and communication. If you succeed in establishing a relationship of trust with your clients, they will keep buying your products and you will develop a long term bond, which will end up in them recommending you.

These four steps worked as a whole will help you attract anonymous users who are potential clients and convert them into website visits, sales opportunities, clients, and promoters of your brand. The methodology is even more efficient when it is also implemented in your sales strategy. 

How can we help you at Cyberclick?

  • Content Marketing We can create the necessary content for your business to attract a community of potential clients: articles for your blogs, presentations, videos, graphics and illustrations, audios - podcasts. We can also elaborate advanced content in ebook, white paper and webinar format.
  • SEO - Web Positioning. We can analyze and restructure your website so that it meets the requirements of the search engines. We improve the ranking on search engines of the most important keywords for your business and, therefore, increase the number of visits to your website. With the long-tail keywords and content marketing, we hardly take risks of being penalized by search engines.
  • Social networks and social ads. We use social networks to spread your content, make them more popular and to create a community around your brand. We systematically collect all the interaction data between the social channels of your brand and its users, and we incorporate all this information to the CRM of your company. We play with a joint strategy of organic and paid content in social networks.
  • Lead Generation. We create contents designed for conversion, we ALSO offer the service landing page and CTAs design (experience in A/B testing).
  • Qualification of Leads. We guarantee your company the reduction of costs at a commercial level. Through Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring, we deliver to your sales team qualified business opportunities aligned with the type of services and products you want to sell.
  • We offer strategic consultancy so that an Inbound Marketing campaign can work with your own teams. We provide assistance to the project with regular meetings to review and analyze how the strategy is being carried out and what should be improved.

Through a well-developed Inbound Marketing strategy, your company or brand will be able to attract and convert potential customers.
It is important to understand that it is a strategy that must be deployed over a period of time in order to obtain relevant results and that it can be complemented with other digital marketing strategies to reinforce it (SEM, Email Marketing, Social Ads, Branded Content).

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of Inbound, contact us. 

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