Top Rated HubSpot Agency Partner Since 2012

    Cyberclick is one of the biggest Hubspot Elite Agency Partners in Europe. We have over 10 years of experience managing 100+ successful inbound marketing projects with HubSpot. 

    Top Rated HubSpot Agency Partner Since 2011
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    Do you need a Hubspot Agency for your Inbound Marketing Strategy? 

    Areas of Expertise

    • Attract qualified traffic
    • Convert traffic to leads
    • Generate sales
    • Draw interested prospects to your business
    • Build lasting relationships with your customers
    • Advanced configuration of your marketing, sales and services in Hubspot
    • Fully customized integrations
    • Create landing pages, blogs and responsive pages optimized for conversions and sales
    • Free consulting and internal training for companies with inbound teams
    • Search engine positioning strategy
    • Keyword research 
    • Custom content creation
    • Paid social media campaigns to support your inbound strategy
    • Automate your mailing processes and tools 
    • Drive customer loyalty
    • Automate your digital marketing processes
    • Create personalized touchpoints for your users
    Hubspot Onboarding Accredited Badge

    HubSpot Onboarding Accreditation

    The HubSpot Onboarding Accreditation is a credential that validates the skills and strategic experience required to onboard large enterprise customers onto HubSpot.


    International Experience In Multiple Verticals

    Cyberclick has global experience in over 10 international markets in the following sectors:

    • Ecommerce
    • Education
    • Health
    • Retail
    • Tourism

    Applying Hubspot and the Inbound Marketing Methodology Across International Markets 


    AIRE Ancient Baths (United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain and United States)

    • Background:

      • AIRE Ancient Baths is a luxury spa experience that currently operates in four international markets including the UK, Spain, Denmark, and the United States. In the Summer of 2021, AIRE opened its first location in the UK in London, just a few minutes away from Covent Garden, and needed to promote its opening and attract new customers. 

    • Objectives:

      • Awareness: Increase awareness of AIRE and establish its unique positioning among its target market. 

      • Consideration: Present the benefits of the AIRE experience and its differential value, to generate interest.

      • Conversion: Bring users closer to the brand and convert them into customers.

    • Tactics:

      • Leverage the Funnel Advertising Methodology to reach users at every stage in the buying journey. 

      • Awareness and Consideration: Display, Native, and Social Ads across Yahoo!, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to tease the AIRE experience and create awareness of its premium offerings: its unique buildings, ambiance, and that its London center is located in the former home of James Matthew Barrie, writer of Peter Pan.

      • Conversion: Google Search and Google Shopping ads to promote the entire catalog of AIRE experiences and gift packages. By using these ads, we were able to increase quality traffic and reach more potential customers.


    FloraQueen (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and United States)

    • Background: 

      • FloraQueen is an international flower delivery company that operates in many countries. With a combined global database bigger than 1M contacts for FloraQueen and FloraChic, it needed a way to manage its presence in over 100 countries with 7 different languages and 11 separate currencies. 

    • Objective:

      • Create a Hubspot CRM Strategy to independently manage both brands in the same account and consolidate its massive database.

    • Tactics:

      • Technical account set-up in Hubspot 

      • Design variations of workflows, forms, and web pages in multiple languages 

      • Implement precise database segmentation 

      • Create automated marketing campaigns and newsletters for each international market and adapt them to the country's corresponding currency 


    LATAM Airlines Group (United Kingdom, Germany and Spain)

    • Background:

      • Cyberclick partnered with LATAM to capture leads through microsites in its different European markets. The idea was that these leads would contribute to the continuous growth of LATAM's database, as its members receive company information, offers and promotions. The acquired leads would then be nurtured until final conversion. 

    • Objective:

      • Capture over 64,000 leads collectively in 3 months through microsites in the UK, Spain, and German markets 

    • Tactics:

      • Redesign of LATAM's graphic materials 

      • Creation of display banners, emails, and landing pages tailored to each country, and a free Travel Destination Guide

      • Posts in Facebook travel communities

      • Several rounds of A/B testing