Social Ads

The best way to reach users on the platforms they love

Did you know that Facebook has almost 2.91 billion monthly active users who spend an average of 20 minutes interacting with the platform? Instagram is also up there with almost 1.4 billion monthly active users. These are just a couple of the many social networks that make up the current landscape–there's also TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.


Social networks are an essential component to creating a well-rounded digital strategy. social ads allow you to reach users wherever they spend their free time and will unlock a world of audience data that you can use to improve your segmentation strategy. 


If you want to grow on Facebook and/or Instagram or on TikTok, we can help you! 



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Why Do You Need Social Ads?

  • They allow you to reach your target audience: Nowadays, most users have a presence on one or more social media platforms. With social ads, you can target segmented audiences to reach the users you are most interested in. 
  • You can impact all stages of the conversion funnel: Not all users have the same level of brand awareness, nor are they all ready to buy. That's why the best digital advertising strategies recognize the stage of the conversion funnel that users are in and adapt their tactics to guide them to the final conversion. Because of its extensive targeting options, social ads allow you to easily tailor your campaigns to the different phases. Audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors ("Core Audiences") are ideal to target for brand awareness. Lookalike Audiences allow you to expand your reach to people similar to your existing customers. Finally, Custom Audiences are the perfect target for remarketing strategies and closing sales. 
  • You can tailor them to your objectives: Social platforms offer a wide variety of campaign types and ads. You can take full advantage of these options to reach your business objectives: brand awareness, increase web traffic, generate leads, sales, or downloads of an app. 
  • They offer multiple creative formats: Social ads have evolved to offer endless combinations of images, videos, and interactive content. The best campaigns take full advantage of these formats to launch creative that is responsive to new user habits, such as mobile browsing.
  • You can measure and control results with precision: Another key feature of social platforms is the large amount of data they provide marketers. You can easily analyze the performance of each ad and optimize your campaigns in real-time to achieve the best results.

How Cyberclick Can Help You

Integrating social platforms into your digital marketing strategy requires careful planning and management. Here at Cyberclick, we offer you:

  • Custom analysis and strategic planning: We design an ad-hoc plan to help you achieve your goals based entirely on your needs.
  • Extensive knowledge of social platforms: We have access to Facebook and Twitter Ads APIs, which allows us to keep up to date with all the news, updates, and best practices of each sector.
  • Detailed audience research: We analyze and customize audiences that best fit your buyer personas and generate creatives adapted to each type of consumer.
  • Scientific optimization of campaigns: We are constantly performing A/B tests to find the winning combinations of creative, targeting, ad formats, and campaign types for your target audience. 
  • Results measurement: Tracking key metrics is a crucial part of our process. We will keep you informed every step of the way so that you can understand exactly how your social campaigns are performing. 
  • Comprehensive support: Our data scientists and design teams accompany you throughout the process to provide personalized support every step of the way. In particular, we make sure that the configuration stages (Conversion API, SDK, Catalogs, and more) are set up accurately.

Social platforms have become an essential channel for digital strategies. We are confident we can help you make the most of their potential! 

Let's create an effective Social Ads strategy together.