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Tags: Google By Jorge Vergara, on 08 Jul 2021

Google Data Studio: What It Is and How to Use It

Google Data Studio is a very useful tool that can be especially helpful when it comes to your marketing strategy. It converts data into reports simply and quickly and can display it in a way that is very visual and easy to understand. Read more

Tags: Google By Helena Alcoverro, on 31 May 2021

Google: 65% of Searches Ended Without a Click in 2020

Google's results page is becoming increasingly complex and offering users more information. Until a few years ago, the only options were to click on an organic search result or a paid ad. But now, non-click searches are the majority.Read more

Tags: Google By Jorge Vergara, on 24 May 2021

Google Tag Manager: What Is It and How Does It Work?

In digital marketing it is essential to be able to measure the results of your actions through metrics such as traffic, events, or conversions.Read more

Tags: Google By Marta Canadell, on 18 May 2021

14 Ways to Optimize Your Website with Google Analytics

An attractive, optimized website is indispensable in any SEM strategy. Driving traffic to your website helps you move your users through the conversion funnel and increases sales. Read more

Tags: Google By Héctor Borrás, on 05 May 2021

Core Web Vitals: How to Prep for the Coming Updates

Google’s first major update of 2021 is coming and can have a big influence on your page ranking signals. The way websites, SEO and SEM strategies, and content are structured all depend on the core web vitals that Google deems important. Considering h...Read more

Tags: Google By Laia Cardona, on 24 Mar 2021

Google My Business Optimization: 11 Ways to Improve Your Profile

Google My Business is a fantastic way to get your business noticed by customers who are already looking for what you offer. By creating and updating your Google My Business (GMB) profile you can reach new customers using the world’s largest search en...Read more

Tags: Google By Pep Canals, on 19 Nov 2020

Google Discovery Ads: Definition and Benefits

Introduced in 2019, Google Discovery Ads have become one of the most impactful and engaging forms of search engine marketing today. As people browse and scroll, rather than search or query, Google has developed a way to reach audiences using custom c...Read more

Tags: Google By Pere Munar, on 07 Jul 2020

What is Google Optimize?

Within SEM and SEO strategies and online marketing in general, having a well optimized website is essential. But the process of continuous testing can be very costly, especially in terms of time.Read more

Tags: Google By Pere Munar, on 13 May 2020

Google Ads Extensions: Explanation of Each Type and How to Use Them

If you want to optimize your Google Ads account, don't overlook ad extensions! This feature gives you plenty of options to add more valuable information to your ads, which improves the user experience and multiplies conversion possibilities.Read more

Tags: Google By Enric Llonch, on 15 Jan 2020

Google Chrome Will Eliminate Third-Party Cookies in 2 Years

Google surprised the advertising world by announcing that they will be eliminating support for third party cookies in its Chrome web browser. This change will occur progressively over the next two years. Read more