Feedest: Improve the Performance of Your Catalog Campaigns


In the realm of digital marketing, effective catalog campaigns hinge on a meticulously managed product feed. While this may seem daunting, it's the linchpin for showcasing your products or services in a structured, detailed, and consistently updated way. Embracing technology is the key to not only streamlining this process, but also enhancing the visibility of your catalog for increased conversions. Discover how Feedest can be the game-changer for your digital marketing strategy!

Feedest is a cloud solution that optimizes product catalog management. Customize creatives, optimize feed adaptation for diverse platforms, and gain insights from comprehensive historical business data.


Why do you need Feedest?

25% ROAS

This tool has been proven to boost ROI by 25%. Maximize your profits without increasing your advertising budget.

30% CTR

With Feedest, you can optimize your advertising campaigns and create more attractive ads that allow you to improve interaction with users and increase click-through rate. 

-40% Time

This tool simplifies the task of feed management, reducing the time spent by you and your team.

How does Feedest improve the performance of catalog campaigns?


Feedest incorporates the following features that will help you take your campaigns to the next level!


1. Feed Manager

Streamline your advertising efforts with Feedest's capability to customize and deliver feed information tailored to each platform. Our tool ensures compatibility across multiple advertising platforms, allowing a single feed to power various campaigns. Harness the power of Feedest's rule-based optimization and data enrichment features, including the integration of external data files for a comprehensive and dynamic advertising feed solution.


2. Customize Creatives

Add captivating visuals to your product catalog campaigns with Feedest. Our tool allows you to incorporate dynamic creatives, parameterized for optimal display. Boost user engagement by including additional elements such as discount codes, sale prices, specific descriptions, and more – all generated from your feed information. 


3. Data History

Feedest provides a comprehensive solution for storing and querying feed data over specific periods. Whether at the general feed level or by specific category, our tool facilitates the retrieval of essential information such as the number of products, Average Order Value (AOV), prices, offer prices, and availability. With Feedest, you gain a deeper understanding of your catalog's evolution and enhance campaign performance through precise insights into feed data trends.

How can Cyberclick help you?

Make the most of Feedest with our comprehensive digital marketing service. Our dedicated technical, design, and accounts teams collaborate to guide you through every phase. From implementation to development, we ensure a smooth and successful integration for optimal results.

Set Up

  • Adapt the tool to your business
  • Implement all catalog rules
  • Define the alert system
  • Design creative templates


Equip your team with in-depth knowledge of the tool's functionalities and operations through customized training sessions.


Benefit from continuous assistance from our dedicated IT and management teams. We're here to address any doubts and assist you in optimizing your feed on a day-to-day basis.

Curious to know how Feedest can help you? Reach out to us to get more information!