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At Cyberclick, we put people first! In this way, we guarantee the best results; the best teams produce the most success. We enjoy our work, we strive for excellence in all we do and we cultivate relationships where transparency and mutual respect are of the utmost importance. All of this has been boiled down into three values, reminiscent of our culture of happiness.

Admire  People

1. Admire

Humility and respect are two crucial elements for every personal and professional achievement

Always Find a Better Way

2. Always Find
a Better Way

We always want to go the extra mile. Here at Cyberclick, we have a mentality of “always learning” and “always testing”

Customer Experience Freaks

3. Customer
Experience Freaks

We don’t limit ourselves to just meet the expectations of our clients, we go above and beyond



Social Media Strategist

Aida Delmar

Digital Marketing Strategist

Anna Ribas

Communication & Online Marketing Specialist

Berta Ventura

Digital Marketing Strategist

Carmen Martín

Social Ads Specialist

Chantal India

Video Content & Marketing Strategist

Clàudia Martínez

Marketing & Content Strategist

Dany Ortiz

Cofounder & CEO

David Tomás

Digital Marketing Strategist

Diana Palau

Video Content & Marketing Strategist

Enric Llonch

Innovation & Development

Erik Monserrate

Digital Marketing Strategist

Estela Viñarás

Digital Marketing Strategist

Ester Solsona

Innovation & Development

Héctor Borrás

Content & Marketing Strategist

Helena Alcoverro

Innovation & Development

Jorge Vergara

Inbound Marketing Strategist

Laia Canalejo

Content & Inbound Marketing Strategist

Laia Cardona

Innovation & Development

Marc Marugan

Data Scientist

Marc Mejias

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Marina Sala

Front-End Developer & Graphic Design

Marta Pereira

Digital Marketing Strategist

Nerea Boada

Social Media Strategist

Oier Gil

Front-End Developer & Graphic Designer

Patricia Puig

Data Scientist

Pep Canals

Data Scientist

Pere Munar

Finance Strategist

Sergi Llinàs

International Digital Marketing Strategist

Shanon Roberts

Social Ads Specialist

Sofía Smolko

Front-End Developer & Graphic Designer

Sol González

Public Relations & Communication

Tanit de Pouplana

Numerical manifesto

Cyberclick Manifesto EN


We are firm believers in the scientific method applied to online marketing. From this concept came the creation of Numerical Marketing, which, coincidentally, also inspired the name of our blog: Numerical Blog. At Cyberclick, we take our work very seriously and we believe success comes from strenuous research. In this mindset, we develop a hypothesis, implement constant A/B testing, then, based on  the results, make decisions in real-time throughout the lifespan of our campaigns. In this way, we are able to constantly optimize our campaigns, ensuring our clients get the best results the best returns out of their investments (ROI).


The keys to the Numerical Manifesto are:

  1. Keep track of your and exceed your expectations.
  2. Have an analytic vision.
  3. Guarantee the greatest impact
  4. A/B Testing, analyze results
  5. Create, imagine, dream
  6. Increase the number of connected users


In Cyberclick, we don’t keep track of your work hours nor your vacation time. For us, it’s not just about a salary, it’s about YOU! If you are a take-charge kind of person and you like to go above and beyond that which is expected of you, you are without a doubt Cyberclick material! Leave us your info and find out what positions we currently have available!