Data Science

How Cyberclick can help you

Our Data Science team is made up of Ph.D. holders in physics and mathematics who have ample experience in the business sector. By effectively uniting the analytical side of the science world with the experienced business insight, our Data Science team is able to provide our clients with the best service possible.


We can help you with the following:

  • Big Data. We compile all the data that is generated by your company and its campaigns. We do this in order to analyze and organize the data, extracting understanding which can be used to improve your digital marketing strategy and its results. Some examples, among others, include, user behavior, consumer habits and needs, how campaigns are going, weak points to improve on and the efficiency of investments. By analyzing and processing all the data facilitated by your company, we can find the critical points and, if solved, a ‘relaunch’ of results for your company can be seen.
  • Predictive analytics. We predictively analyze data offered by your company in order to anticipate unexpected events from happening and to prevent them from taking placen (as opposed to analyzing something which has already happened).
  • Data mining. We analyze common patterns within your company’s data which may be too difficult to find by any human stretch of means. This process consists of making classifications and establishing relationships between high value-added data that can improve your campaigns, your overall marketing strategy and your sales strategy.
  • Audits. The Data Science team is a fundamental part of the Advertising Audit service we offer here at Cyberclick. Furthermore, our Social Ads team and Account Management teams also play integral roles in this service.

If we had just one piece of advice for you, it would be this: always put your digital marketing strategy into the hands of an agency that has a Data Science department. Why? Nowadays, it’s an absolute must in order to best optimize and improve marketing in real time.


Are you interested in Data Science?