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Tags: Strategy By David Tomas, on 19 May 2022

6 Examples of Lead Scoring Models

Lead scoring is not a one-size-fits-all system. Each company has its own uniquely designed scoring strategy that fits its particular objectives and targets. Even with the inherently individual nature of predictive lead scoring, it is beneficial to ha...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Jessica Bubenheim, on 28 March 2022

What Is the SME and SMB Market Segment?

The terms small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can be difficult to characterize because each country has its own definition of what defines an SME or SMB. Sometimes the industry that the company works...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Anna Ribas, on 16 March 2022

What Is a Customer Experience Map?

While clients are a key part of many businesses, you shouldn't just think of them as entities that acquire your products, because they can in fact help you grow in many different ways. Clients are (or should be) a big part of your marketing plan, so ...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Anna Ribas, on 9 March 2022

Marketing Plan Basics: The SWOT Analysis Chart

In every business, it is important carry out internal and external evaluations. This not only helps when it comes to developing marketing strategies, but also when setting objectives, facing challenges, and looking for new opportunities. Understandin...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Shanon Roberts, on 28 February 2022

International Marketing: Strategies, Examples, and Tips

In today’s marketplaces, global business and international marketing have never been easier. With so many options and tools online, brands can expand their operations into new nations and reach untapped markets. Read more

Tags: Strategy By Pere Munar, on 15 February 2022

What Is a Digital Transformation Strategy and Why Is It Important?

The arrival of social media and the unstoppable growth of technology have changed the way we work, shop, study and interact. We have gotten used to having everything right here, right now—the fact that we can buy a product on the Internet and get it ...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Sol Gonzalez, on 31 January 2022

Modular Design: Its Advantages and Tools to Get Started

Modular pages are a popular way of organizing content on a website.Read more

Tags: Strategy By Chantal India, on 19 January 2022

Marketing Research Process: Advantages and Examples

The marketing research process involves gathering information about your target audience, your competitors, and your customers in order to determine the potential success of your product or service. It is an important element of any marketing strateg...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Chantal India, on 6 January 2022

Measuring Customer Satisfaction in Small and Medium Enterprises

In marketing, there are many metrics that must be taken into account to determine whether a campaign is successful. Customer satisfaction is a key metric because it directly affects the growth of a brand.Read more

Tags: Strategy By Héctor Borrás, on 24 December 2021

What Is the Metaverse? How It Works and Its Advantages

In October 2021, Facebook changed the name of its parent company to Meta, signifying that its future lies in the metaverse. But what is the metaverse? Read more

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