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Tags: Strategy By Laia Cardona, on 19 Mar 2021

25 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

As we come to the one year mark of the pandemic and working online, let's look at some of the biggest digital marketing trends of 2021. We marketers are living in a time when changes have been constant and we have had to adapt quickly and effectively...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Anna Ribas, on 18 Mar 2021

What is Brand Architecture? The Different Types and Examples

Brand architecture is something most companies don’t consider when discussing marketing. Yet, how the public perceives your brand includes its structure. Is your brand architecture clear and transparent, or is it a complicated web of companies that a...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Helena Alcoverro, on 17 Mar 2021

What is Demographic Segmentation? Strategy and Examples

Marketing to anyone and everyone just isn’t effective, let alone efficient. Products or services that appeal to a 43 year old mother of three probably won’t appeal to a 19 year old male student. Then again maybe they do! Read more

Tags: Strategy By Shanon Roberts, on 16 Mar 2021

International Marketing: Strategies, Examples, and Tips

In today’s marketplaces, global business and international marketing has never been easier. With so many options and tools online, brands can expand their operations into new nations and reach untapped markets. Read more

Tags: Strategy By David Tomas, on 12 Dec 2019

Growth Hacking: 7 Success Stories and How They Did It

If you’ve been in the world of digital marketing for a while, you probably already know about growth hacking. Growth Hacking is a set of techniques and tools that seek to generate rapid growth of customers, revenue or impacts for a company, with the ...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Dany Ortiz, on 05 Dec 2019

What Is OKR Methodology and How to Apply It [+Example]

It’s easy to set goals. Now, tracking them… well, that’s a different story. Following up on established objectives can be a challenge for any company. And certainly staying focused on meeting the annual objectives is a difficult task. Therefore, in t...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Jessica Bubenheim, on 21 Aug 2019

3 ways to start Whatsapp marketing

Nearly one billion people worldwide use WhatsApp to send and receive text messages. In the long term, the mobile messenger service could even overtake Facebook. For this reason, the service is also becoming increasingly interesting for marketing mana...Read more

Tags: Strategy By David Tomas, on 31 Jul 2019

Viraljacking: How to make your content viral (+ success stories)

Viraljacking is a concept that I’ve developed from the basis of newsjacking. In today’s post, I will explain this new new concept through the use of two examples. The two examples aim to explain how I applied viraljacking and the results I obtained f...Read more

Tags: Strategy, Data Science By David Tomas, on 26 Jul 2019

What is a Customer Data Platform and its advantages in digital marketing?

Managing customer data is one of the biggest challenges we face in digital marketing. If you’re looking to effectively manage your customer data, a customer data platform may be the solution for you. This new technology for improving and optimizing w...Read more

Tags: Digital Marketing, Strategy By David Tomas, on 26 Jul 2019

How to optimize your mobile marketing strategy

There is no excuse: if mobile is not at the very core of your digital marketing strategy, it is time to adapt or die. In 2015, Google announced that mobile traffic had overtaken desktop traffic for the first time, and this difference has only continu...Read more