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Tags: Online Sales By David Tomas, on 24 May 2022

7 Strategies to Attract and Keep Customers

Attracting customers and then building long-term relationships is one of the best ways to maintain your company's success for many years. To achieve this, customer service is absolutely essential.Read more

Tags: Online Sales By David Tomas, on 24 May 2022

Get Keep Grow: How to Apply The Get Keep Grow Funnel

80% of new leads never translate into sales. But, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more SQLs (sales qualified leads) at a 33% lower cost. To get, keep, and grow customers it takes a holistic analysis of your product-market fit, cus...Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Estela Viñarás, on 18 May 2022

How to Use HubSpot to Streamline Your Sales Pipeline Management

Por Estela Viñarás, publicado en 2 mayo 2022Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Estela Viñarás, on 28 April 2022

Key Elements of Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term used to describe all activities, strategies, and tools used by a company to manage the way it interacts with its customer base. The right CRM strategy can help you build solid relationships with your c...Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Pere Munar, on 21 April 2022

Product Feed: What It Is in Marketing and How to Create It

Digital advertising has experienced a boom in recent years with the rise of ecommerce. Many companies have launched or expanded their online store, and this means that they have to manage their catalog on different sites such as the company page, Ama...Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Oier Gil, on 20 April 2022

Spin Selling: What It Is and How to Apply It

Brands must innovate to increase sales and stand out from the competition. One of the most widely used methods to achieve this is called spin selling.Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Nerea Boada, on 19 April 2022

What Is Telemarketing? Definition, Advantages, and Examples

We have all received marketing calls from companies at one time or another. Although digital marketing is largely the norm, telemarketing is still an effective and widely used technique in public service, insurance, credit cards, and NGO sectors. Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Héctor Borrás, on 30 March 2022

The Top ERP Systems for Your Ecommerce

As your ecommerce grows, you need to consider effective ways to organize your work processes. One very efficient way to do this is to use an ERP.Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Nerea Boada, on 10 March 2022

Subscription Model in Marketing: What It Is and 10 Types

Customer loyalty is a fundamental part of any company's marketing strategy since keeping customers satisfied and retaining them is much easier and less costly than acquiring new ones.Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Oier Gil, on 4 March 2022

The 7 Keys to Landing Prospective Customers

If you use the inbound marketing methodology, you know that one of the biggest factors for success is reaching the right people to let them know about your products and services.Read more

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