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Tags: Video Marketing By Enric Llonch, on 18 January 2022

Addressable TV: What It Is and How It Works

The radical changes we have experienced over the past couple of years have resulted in a number of consumer shifts that are transforming the future of marketing and advertising. One of these changes has been a growing interest in addressable TV, wher...Read more

Tags: Video Marketing By Clàudia Martínez, on 13 December 2021

Best Video Editing Apps

Creating audiovisual content is one of the best ways to appeal to your audience, especially on social networks. One of the main advantages of using this type of content in a video marketing strategy is the speed at which information can reach a large...Read more

Tags: Video Marketing By Shanon Roberts, on 9 December 2021

Top 4 Viral Video Marketing Techniques and Examples

While viral video marketing is made more easily achievable with social media, social media virality and video virality are not the same. By nature, videos allow brands to make long-form and interactive content that touches audiences in a meaningful w...Read more

Tags: Video Marketing By Clàudia Martínez, on 2 December 2021

How to Communicate Effectively: 12 Tips for Your Livestreams

Using live videos on social networks is gaining rapid popularity as a marketing tactic. Take a look at these figures:Read more

Tags: Video Marketing By Jorge Vergara, on 25 June 2021

Product Placement on Netflix: 6 Examples

The traditional model for advertising on TV is changing. Netflix has become one of the largest sources of entertainment for consumers today and although this platform doesn't offer advertising spots, there are other for brands to get noticed on Netfl...Read more

Tags: Video Marketing By Enric Llonch, on 26 January 2021

What is Twitch Marketing?

Live Streaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in recent years. And eSports has emerged as its unexpected overachiever with gamers streaming their performances to audiences around the world. Esports competitions are even fil...Read more

Tags: Video Marketing By Enric Llonch, on 4 November 2020

How to Do YouTube Keyword Research

While most information regarding keyword research focuses on Google, YouTube is in fact (behind Google) the web’s second most popular search engine, and YouTube SEO is absolutely essential for channel growth. In this post we’ll break down what YouTub...Read more

Tags: Video Marketing By Laia Cardona, on 3 September 2020

What Is Video Marketing? Examples and Advantages

Did you know that your competitors are already using video in their content strategy? According to a recent study by HubSpot, 81% of brands are currently doing video marketing.Read more

Tags: Video Marketing By Enric Llonch, on 16 July 2020

How to Do Video Marketing: Start Creating Brand Videos Today!

If your brand has an online presence, video marketing will help you boost it. With the addition of new tools and techniques, video content is becoming easier to produce and is loved by users.Read more

Tags: Video Marketing By Clàudia Martínez, on 30 March 2020

30+ Video Marketing Statistics [2020]

As one of 2020's top marketing trends, video marketing has gained a lot of momentum as a marketing tactic. And it's for good measure, when you consider that 99% of people who use video marketing say they’ll continue (Wyzowl, 2020). Read more