SEM and Google Ads

How Cyberclick can help you

Perhaps just one person could manage a small-scale campaign but, when you want to develop a impactful Google Ads campaign, it’s best to let experts take over. These experts will be able to continually optimize campaigns and help you to optimize your results, according to the allotted budget for each action taken.

Campaigns designed by Cyberclick are based on firm foundations of keywords and the implementation of a certain kind of technology which allows campaigns to compete both in real time and and the same time. All the created technology is tailor made for each sector in which your campaigns are shared.

  • Traffic. Finding where your keyword 'blind spots' are within your campaigns can help improve profitability in this area. We evaluate all of the word content within each campaign and proactively search for the words which don’t fit or could be misinterpreted.
  • CTR. We create ads not just to maintain a good CTR but to also attract qualified buyers to your website; they function as your company’s ‘optimal ads’.
  • Level of quality. This parameter deals with the fact that an ad in the first position on Google Adwords can have a lower CPC than the second or third ad. Improving a Google Adwords account’s level of quality is a constant task of optimization.
  • Conversion rate. We ensure the attraction of relevant web traffic to your website by making changes to an ad's copy, an ad's structure, and to the identification of key products or services. This, backed by both an analytic analysis and heat maps, helps to tell us what users want.
  • CPC. We only shift the CPC gear into full blast when the work has been well done and we know we have a winning campaign. At this time, we can start wagering our bets!

Although Google Ads is a well-known tool, it’s recommended that, in order to create the best leads, you put yourselves into the hands of qualified experts. Taking into account all that you have read, we are confident that we can help you improve your results and set goals according to your budget.