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Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Berta Campos, on 24 August 2023

UGC Strategy: How to Create Your Strategy for Success

User generated content (UGC) is a great way for a brand to interact with its audience. While many companies focus exclusively on creating their own content, overlooking content created by users can be a missed opportunity. UGC adds credibility and ex... Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Berta Campos, on 23 August 2023

UGC Campaigns: How Do They Work on Social Media

User generated content refers to all unpaid, unsponsored content created by users that mention a brand, its products, or services. This content can come in the form of reviews, comments, or social media posts. Read more

Tags: Happiest Company By Berta Campos, on 7 April 2017

Being Motivated at Work: It's Possible!

It is an unfortunate yet undeniable reality that we are all stressed to some extent. Some may be more while other less, but we all seem to be doing a million things at once, and days seem to be at least a few hours too short. Amidst this seemingly en... Read more

Tags: Redes Sociales & Social Ads, Social Marketing By Berta Campos, on 27 February 2017

The Pros and Cons of Live Videos in Content Marketing

Did you know that according to Entrepreneur, live videos are one of the main trends for 2017? Live videos are a fantastic addition to your content marketing, and users are loving it more and more every day. Read more

Tags: Online Marketing & Digital Marketing By Berta Campos, on 19 December 2016

10 Colors to Increase Your Sales with Digital Advertising and why they work!

All the best marketers know that colors are an essential and special part of increasing sales, and there is no excuse for not using them in your digital advertising campaigns. It has been known for a quite a while now that different colors provoke di... Read more

Tags: Twitter By Berta Campos, on 6 May 2016

Tweet Fun GIFs That Generate More Engagement on Twitter

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the last few months have been fast moving and busy for Twitter. And it seems the change never stops: according to what Twitter recently published on their blog, it is now possible to share GIFs directly in tweets and ... Read more

By Berta Campos, on 5 April 2016

The 7 social networks that will compete with Instagram, Snapchat, Vine & Pintrest in 2016

For digital marketers, being up to date with new social networks is absolutely essential. One of the great things about the digital marketing world is that every day it launches new ways for us to communicate with each other. Some make it, others are... Read more

Tags: Digital Advertising By Berta Campos, on 3 December 2015

Why Fraudulent Digital Advertising Continues to Thrive

According to estimates by Augustine Fou, one of the leading experts in digital fraud, half of the $50 billion a year industry that generates digital advertising and online marketing are fraudulent ads. This means that each year there are $25 billion ... Read more

Tags: Inbound Marketing, Social Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media & Social Ads By Berta Campos, on 20 October 2015

How brands get you to pull out your wallet

Surely it has happened to you more than once: you were quietly browsing the Internet and suddenly you find an ecommerce pulling out your credit card. The thing is that companies are very clever when it comes to using online marketing to convince you ... Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads, Digital Advertising By Berta Campos, on 21 September 2015

Instagram is pulled to the advertising pool

A few days ago we were totally surprised at the offices of Cyberclick: although many of us did not follow Zara on Instagram, we all had its branded content in the application. How was it possible? The answer, of course, was that Instagram has release... Read more