Email Marketing

The best channel for driving direct response

According to a study by ADigital, 80% of users check their email several times a day. Believe it or not, email marketing is a channel with one of the highest ROIs.


Why Do You Need to Include Email Marketing in Your Strategy?

  • It is highly effective: Users often interact a lot with emails before converting, which translates into acquiring customers with definitive interest in your brand.

  • Allows for a high level of segmentation: You can create email lists with a high level of segmentation. Combining this with big data and marketing automation, you can easily launch highly-personalzied and dynamic email campaings.

  • It is the perfect format for testing: You can A/B test multiple variables (subject lines, CTAs, copy, etc.) that allow you to find the most effective combinations for boosting your conversion rates. 

  • It's a flexible and creative format: Email allows you to experiment with different elements, including video, imagery, and so on. It also responds very well to mobile devices. 

  • It can be adapted to users in every stage of the marketing funnel: You can accomplish different objectives with tailored strategies, including: boosting engagement rates, lead nurturing, and increasing conversion rates. 

How Cyberlick Can Help You

Cyberclick works with you from the beginning to understand your goals, advise you on the best strategy, and provide you with access to premium databases.

We provide the following services:

  • Initial consultation: We help you define your marketing objectives and advise you on how much of your budget to allocate to an email marketing strategy. 
  • Campaign design: We provide design and technical support for email creative and landing pages. We work to continuously optimize the campaigns according to their response rates.
  • Diffusion: We collaborate with a wide network of global premium databases. We test how different databases perform by sending small volumes of emails at first to identify the ones that provide the best quality in relation to cost per lead and cost per acquisition.
  • Campaign analysis: We operate in full transparency and will always break down the metrics for you. 

We are confident that we can help you with your email marketing campaigns! 

Let's create an effective email marketing strategy together.