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How can we help you improve your email marketing campaigns?

Even though they may lack the expertise and the necessary resources, 75% of business take on the task of email marketing internally. In the same way, more than half of companies don’t carry out any sort of testing before launching an email campaign; this is an essential component in order to see if one is choosing the right contact base, if their copies are well-done or if they're choosing the ads with the high levels of engagement.

We recommend implementing tests before launching a campaign in order to correctly identify what role email acquisition plays in your strategy in the medium term in addition to the most efficient messages/call to actions for your company. In this way, you will be able to enhance both your open rate and click rate and, by effect, your ROI as well.

The following are ways we can help you to improve your email marketing campaigns, optimize your processes and increase your results:

    • Initial consultation. In the initial consultation, we will help to clarify objectives concerning communication and customer acquisition that is pursued via this channel. We also help to decide what the best strategy for you to follow will be. Furthermore, it’s important to consider the impact an initial consult may have on your overall strategy.
    • Campaigns. We offer support in the design of email marketing ads and landing pages geared towards increasing CTRs and LTRs. Using both our experience and 100% responsive formats, we chose the best-suited contents necessary in order to increase your conversion rate.
    • A/B testing. No one should commit to investing in advertising without testing their ads and messages. In this stage, one should try different variants of design, copies and topics in order to find the best formula.
    • Diffusion. We are well acquainted with and collaborate with a vast network of premium databases from diverse markets across Europe and Latin America; therefore, we know the results we can expect from each database (according to the segmentations and characteristics of each campaign). Our initial proposal includes a test across various data bases and small volume mailings. In this way we explore which databases are going to provide us with better quality (optimal CPLs and/or CPAs) which, later, will help us to invest wisely.
    • Campaign analysis. It is important to share metrics as transparently and as thoroughly detailed as possible. Likewise, it’s also important that the metrics from all databases used in the launch of the campaign are broken down in order to be able to interpret the data in detail.
    • Defining the optimal costs for the viability of an email marketing strategy in both the medium term and the long term. After the testing stage, should be able to see the costs of acquisition each channel provides and which channel(s) would be the most appropriate and economical investment(s) in the medium and long term.
  • Creativity and innovation. Internet actions are living entities, ever-changing and evolving with time. For this reason, it’s important to incorporate new trends into older email marketing campaigns. As a general rule of thumb, even if a campaign is working well, it can always work better!

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