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Cyberclick's marketing blog offers the latest insights into digital marketing and online advertising, with a focus on numerical data, insider knowledge, and emerging trends.

Tags: Online Sales By Estela Viñarás, on 26 May 2023

Key Elements of Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term used to describe all activities, strategies, and tools used by a company to manage the way it interacts with its customer base. The right CRM strategy can help you build solid relationships with your c...Read more

Tags: Inbound Marketing By Laia Cardona, on 25 May 2023

Allbound: How Does It Work in Marketing and Sales?

For a long time, outbound marketing was the primary strategy used by companies to attract customers. This method, which relied on direct calls, media advertising, and billboards, among others, gradually lost strength (though it did not disappear comp...Read more

Tags: Online Marketing & Digital Marketing By Laia Cardona, on 25 May 2023

The Ultimate Guide to the Marketing Mix and the 4Ps of Marketing

We all know that the quality of marketing decides the success of a product, but have you ever asked yourself what the key elements to a successful marketing strategy are?Read more

Tags: Digital Marketing By Shanon Roberts, on 25 May 2023

Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps of 2023 So Far

Without context, the most downloaded apps of 2023 so far may look a bit surprising. In previous years, app downloads were heavily influenced by the changing world with the COVID-19 pandemic and evolving safety measures. Now in 2023, the impact of the...Read more

Tags: Instagram By Laia Cardona, on 24 May 2023

How To Set up a Store on Instagram Step by Step

Instagram, aside from being one of the most popular social networks and a platform that enables companies to connect with their audience, increase visibility, and foster interaction, also serves as a social shopping tool.Read more

Tags: Google By Pep Canals, on 23 May 2023

EEAT: Evolution of Google EAT, Its Impact on SEO & How to Implement It

The amount of web pages on the Internet is immense. In this context, Google must establish criteria to sort all this content in order to offer users the best experience. In 2015, Google decided to create EAT, an acronym that refers to the guidelines ...Read more

Tags: Data Science By Laia Cardona, on 18 May 2023

What Is Digital Analytics? Definition and Applications

Digital analytics is fundamental in a digital marketing strategy and in any other area of business. It is what allows company or team to know if the actions they are taking are fruitful or if it is time to change course.Read more

Tags: Digital Advertising By Enric Llonch, on 17 May 2023

Streaming Advertising: Netflix Grows Due to Ad-Supported Subscriptions

Although the changes that Netflix is introducing in its subscriptions are causing the streaming platform to receive a lot of criticism, the numbers indicate that the results may be better than they seem at first glance. Although this has just begun a...Read more

Tags: SEO & SEM By Laia Cardona, on 16 May 2023

Backlink Audit in 5 Simple Steps

A backlink is a link that is found on another website and redirects to yours. In terms of SEO positioning, backlinks play a very important role, since the more backlinks you have, the better positioning you can achieve on search engines. This is beca...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Chantal India, on 11 May 2023

How Do I Go Live on TikTok? Steps, Tips, and Requirements

TikTok is much more than a social media network where you can upload funny dance videos and music. The platform also allows live performances through its TikTok Live function. Here, brands and content creators can interact with their audiences in rea...Read more

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