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Tags: Facebook By Clàudia Martínez, on 08 Jul 2020

Facebook Live: What is it and How to use it

In recent years, live videos on social media have become a favorite format among users, and Facebook has led this trend. Its streaming platform, Facebook Live, offers brands a very powerful tool to generate engagement and connect with their audience....Read more

Tags: Google By Pere Munar, on 07 Jul 2020

What is Google Optimize?

Within SEM and SEO strategies and online marketing in general, having a well optimized website is essential. But the process of continuous testing can be very costly, especially in terms of time.Read more

Tags: Digital Advertising By Nerea Boada, on 02 Jul 2020

What Is A Focus Group?

A focus group is a market research tool used in advertising to gain insight about a group of people's views about a product or service. This is a qualitative technique, in which a discussion is organized among a group of 5-10 people led by a moderato...Read more

Tags: Digital Marketing By David Tomas, on 01 Jul 2020

From B2B to B4B: How to Generate Value for Businesses

Do you do B2B marketing? Well, it's time to rethink your strategy with a new paradigm: B4B, or business for business.Read more

Tags: Digital Marketing By David Tomas, on 30 Jun 2020

5 Key Marketing Automation Statistics

More than a trend, marketing automation is already an inescapable reality. For B2B marketers, having a marketing automation platform allows you to run, manage, automate and monitor your campaigns across multiple channels.Read more

By Sonia Duro Limia (Autora invitada), on 24 Jun 2020

Social Selling: 7 Steps to Sell More Using Social Media

If your company hasn’t yet implemented a Social Selling strategy to sell more through social media then you’re seriously missing out on a major avenue. Read more

Tags: Email Marketing By Nerea Boada, on 23 Jun 2020

How to Clean Your Email Marketing List to Improve ROI

Without a contact database, your email marketing campaigns would go nowhere. Databases are the pillar on which all your email marketing is based.Read more

Tags: Inbound Marketing By Marina Sala, on 18 Jun 2020

Best Inbound Marketing Strategies, Based on Industry

In the world of inbound marketing, every industry has its own unique techniques that are effective. Depending on the industry you are in, you will find that different strategies connect with your consumers and attract them to your brand.Read more

Tags: Native Advertising By Nerea Boada, on 17 Jun 2020

14 Best Native Advertising Tools

Native advertising has experienced a boom in recent years as users continue to demand less invasive ads.Read more

Tags: Digital Marketing By David Tomas, on 16 Jun 2020

10 Marketing Automation Strategies

In recent years marketers have started to pay more attention to marketing automation, but as an industry, we've only discovered the tip of the iceberg. Marketing automation goes far beyond constructing automatic emails: it can help you improve the su...Read more