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Tags: Online Sales, HubSpot By Marina Sala, on 28 March 2024

Hubspot Sales Sequences: What They Are and How To Create Them

Sequences in HubSpot are a particularly interesting tool for any sales strategy, enabling the automation of specific actions to unfold at precise moments. Within these automated actions, you can find tasks ranging from sending HubSpot email marketing... Read more

Tags: HubSpot By Marina Sala, on 28 February 2024

What Are HubSpot Playbooks and How Can They Help You Boost Sales?

Discover the power of HubSpot playbooks—a valuable asset for your sales team. These playbooks serve as indispensable tools, providing robust support for your team's daily endeavors, ultimately enhancing their ability to achieve optimal results. By co... Read more

Tags: HubSpot By Tanit de Pouplana, on 29 November 2023

What Are the Main Properties of Hubspot?

When we talk about HubSpot properties, we refer to the key information stored about customers on the platform. Some properties are automatically filled in by HubSpot, while others need to be completed by the company. There are default properties (som... Read more

Tags: HubSpot By Oier Gil, on 17 August 2023

Hubspot vs. Pardot: Which Marketing Automation Platform Is Better?

Implementing marketing automation in your business will save your team time and allow you to offer more personalized attention to your customers. Below, we'll discuss two of the most popular marketing automation tools: Hubspot vs. Pardot. Which one i... Read more

Tags: HubSpot By Laia Cardona, on 1 August 2023

HubSpot Integrations: 10 of the Best to Boost Your Marketing and Sales

If you work in virtually any company, you know that switching between different applications and software is common when working on a project. This can be time-consuming and lead to errors on different platforms. That's why we want to discuss how int... Read more

Tags: HubSpot By Marina Sala, on 28 June 2023

Zendesk vs. HubSpot: Choosing the Best for Customer Service Excellence

Maintaining satisfied and well-attended customers is one of the foundations of any company and any inbound marketing strategy. It is crucial to have effective customer service software to support you in achieving this goal. Today, Zendesk and HubSpot... Read more

Tags: HubSpot By Marina Sala, on 30 March 2023

HubSpot Best Practices for Assigning Permissions and Teams

If your company has multiple departments in different regions (either nationally or internationally), you may have noticed how difficult it can be to keep your Hubspot account organized and running smoothly. If you're still considering using Hubspot,... Read more