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Cyberclick's marketing blog offers the latest insights into digital marketing and online advertising, with a focus on numerical data, insider knowledge, and emerging trends.

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ES. Data Scientists en Cyberclick. Responsable de las campañas de SEM y de los proyectos de Data Science. EN. Data Scientists at Cyberclick. Responsible for SEM campaigns and Data Science projects.

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Tags: Google By Pep Canals, on 22 November 2023

What Are Demand Gen Campaigns and What's New in Google Ads?

Google Ads is introducing a new campaign format in response to evolving consumer behaviors and video content trends. These advertising campaigns are meant to drive demand. In this article, we'll go into the details of these new campaigns and guide yo...Read more

Tags: Google By Pep Canals, on 9 November 2023

Google Ads Transparency Center: Shedding Light on Advertising Insights

Social networks like TikTok and Facebook have long had their Ads Libraries, yet Google, until recently, did not provided this valuable tool for advertisers and marketers. However, in March 2023, the company finally introduced the Google Ads Library—a...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Pep Canals, on 31 October 2023

Two-Way Communication: How to Use It in Your Social Media Strategy

In traditional marketing, a brand issues messages and the public listens to them (or, if consumers are not interested, they ignore them). But, with the rise of digital marketing, all this has changed.Read more

Tags: Google By Pep Canals, on 10 October 2023

How to Use Google Ads AI to Improve Your Campaigns

There are those who look at Artificial Intelligence with suspicion but the reality is that, despite ushering in major change, they are tools that marketing teams can use to streamline their processes. In this article we want to talk about how you can...Read more

Tags: Google By Pep Canals, on 14 September 2023

Google Search Generative Experience: How to Improve Search with AI

Artificial Intelligence is booming. More and more companies are opting for it including Google, which is developing Google Search Generative Experience. This is a new search experience facilitates the entire information gathering process thanks to AI...Read more

Tags: Digital Advertising By Pep Canals, on 13 June 2023

Demand Side Platform: What Is It and How Does It Work in Advertising?

A demand side platform, or DSP, is a software that lets advertisers buy advertising with the help of automation. It's a type of online advertising where ad space is bought in real time, in different formats and on various websites, in order to connec...Read more

Tags: Digital Advertising By Pep Canals, on 6 June 2023

eCPM: What Is It?

Marketing metrics provide quantifiable data that is very useful when it comes to evaluating the performance of a strategy or action within a campaign. One of these metrics is eCPM, or Effective Cost Per Mile. But what exactly does this metric indicat...Read more

Tags: Google By Pep Canals, on 23 May 2023

EEAT: Evolution of Google EAT, Its Impact on SEO & How to Implement It

The amount of web pages on the Internet is immense. In this context, Google must establish criteria to sort all this content in order to offer users the best experience. In 2015, Google decided to create EAT, an acronym that refers to the guidelines ...Read more

Tags: Google By Pep Canals, on 6 April 2023

Google MUM: What Is It and How Will It Affect Your SEO?

Google MUM is an algorithm endowed with artificial intelligence that can affect SEO, since it's able to precisely understand any type of content. This allows it to give answers that are much more in line with the user's search intent. But what exactl...Read more

Tags: Digital Advertising By Pep Canals, on 22 August 2022

Google Ads Display Campaigns: Simpler Than Ever Before

Google Ads display campaigns allow you to place ads on YouTube, Gmail, and the Google display network, which includes millions of websites and apps. They are a very powerful advertising tool to use to multiply the reach of your brand.Read more