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Inbound Marketing & Content Strategist en Cyberclick. Experta en marketing online, gestión de contenidos, estrategia en redes sociales, y creación y optimización ​de ​campañas ​en ​social ​ads. _______________________________________________________________________ Inbound Marketing & Content Strategist at Cyberclick. Expert in online marketing, content management, social media strategy, and creation and optimization of campaigns in social ads.

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Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Dany Ortiz, on 22 June 2022

Best Time to Post on TikTok in 2022

It's official: TikTok is booming. It has become a popular social media network among consumers and it is only growing. One of the key ways to improve the engagement of your TikToks is to publish them at the right times. Let's take a look at the best ...Read more

Tags: Inbound Marketing By Dany Ortiz, on 29 March 2022

How to Use Online Surveying to Qualify Leads

Including online surveys in your lead generation strategy allows you to accomplish two objectives at the same time: getting to know your audience's feedback and preferences and obtaining valuable customer data that can help you optimize your marketin...Read more

Tags: Online Marketing & Digital Marketing By Dany Ortiz, on 27 January 2022

What Is a CRM Database?

Is your digital marketing team already working with a CRM database? If not, you may be missing out on opportunities to engage more efficiently with customers and close more sales.Read more

Tags: Online Marketing & Digital Marketing By Dany Ortiz, on 25 January 2022

11 Successful Marketing Strategy Examples

Looking for some successful marketing strategy examples to inspire you? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Read more

Tags: Digital Advertising By Dany Ortiz, on 20 January 2022

10 Characteristics of Effective Advertising

As marketers, we spend a lot of time analyzing the details of every advertising campaign we see. But it never hurts to review the basics. Taking a look at the basics of how a campaign works can help generate new ideas and get your creativity flowing.Read more

Tags: Inbound Marketing By Dany Ortiz, on 7 January 2022

20 Inbound Marketing Examples for Companies of All Sizes

To design an effective inbound marketing strategy, it's helpful to gain inspiration from examples and success stories of other brands. Read more

Tags: Inbound Marketing By Dany Ortiz, on 30 December 2021

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

There are two distinct types of marketing: inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Read more

Tags: Inbound Marketing By Dany Ortiz, on 5 November 2021

20 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness in Inbound Marketing

The inbound marketing methodology is based on attracting users to your company in non-invasive ways, then converting them into leads and finally into customers. To do this, the first step is to make them discover your brand. But how can you generate ...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Dany Ortiz, on 27 August 2021

How Does Omnichannel Marketing Work?

You’ve probably heard the term omnichannel marketing being thrown around in the marketing world, but do you actually know what it means? It tends to be confused with multichannel marketing, and though they do have many similarities, they do two diffe...Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Dany Ortiz, on 14 June 2021

What Is a Sales Pipeline?

It has been proven that the more control you have over the sales pipeline or sales flow, the more benefits you get. In this article we'll explain what exactly a sales pipeline is and how you can incorporate it in your company's sales and marketing st...Read more

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