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Upskilling and Reskilling: Get Ready for the Digital Future

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By Oier Gil, on 30 April 2024

Both upskilling and reskilling are two very important concepts in today's world of digital transformation in which we live, where professionals need to adapt their knowledge and skills to a new, more technological and digital environment.

On one hand, upskilling refers to reinforcing the skills that the professional already possesses to refine and update them, as well as learning other skills related to their field of activity or knowledge.

On the other hand, reskilling involves training the professional in completely different areas for which they have been prepared so that they can take on a role that the company needs.

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Upskilling and Reskilling_ Get Ready for the Digital Future

Although in both cases new skills are learned, in the case of upskilling, learning is focused on acquiring concepts and skills in the same area of work or related fields. Meanwhile, reskilling involves preparing the professional to take on a different job than what they have been doing.

In any case, both actions result in a much more effective professional in the current market and adapted to the world around them, as well as someone capable of seizing new opportunities.

Moreover, in the world of advertising, this is more noticeable than in other areas due to the large number of trends in digital marketing that emerge year after year, which require prepared professionals.

Why Upskilling and Reskilling Are Important

A More Competitive Company

Certainly, having better professionals will always be one of the most important foundations for your company to remain competitive in its market niche and be prepared to face the challenges of the present and future in the best possible way.

Better Than Hiring

First of all, upskilling and reskilling are very interesting concepts that companies should consider implementing because their implementation costs are lower than replacing one professional with another who already has those skills or making a new hire.

Therefore, it is more cost-effective to train a professional who already works for the company. And not only economically, but it also proves to be more time-effective to train an already hired professional since they are already familiar with the work methodology and all internal processes.

However, we should not view upskilling and reskilling as a one-time thing, but rather as something that should be offered to teams periodically or continuously to ensure that the company is always adapted to the changing times.

Attract and Retain Talent

Offering training to a professional within a company is generally well-received, as it presents an opportunity to acquire new knowledge for free. Additionally, many team members will feel more comfortable and motivated in a company that allows them to improve as professionals.

On the other hand, learning new skills or enhancing existing ones can be accompanied by a promotion, thus favoring internal mobility, a possibility that increases the chances of a professional continuing to work in a company.

All of this will lead to greater talent retention and reduced staff turnover. Moreover, the existence of upskilling and reskilling may even contribute to talent attraction, either through word of mouth or by including these elements in the company's job offerings.

Promotes Leadership

Currently, we are in a context that many experts refer to as the fourth industrial revolution. This era is characterized, among other things, by the significant evolution of technology, which is leading to the emergence of new job roles while others disappear.

Jobs that will gradually have less weight are those that are more manual and automatic, essentially those that are more operational and can be developed by Artificial Intelligence and technology.

In contrast, jobs more related to leadership and strategy are the ones that will stand out the most.

Currently, upskilling and reskilling are heavily focused on enhancing the leadership of professionals, but also on understanding and knowing how to use the new technology capable of replacing part of human work.

What Digital Skills Should Professionals Acquire To Stay Up to Date With Trends in Digital Marketing?

Focusing more on the world of advertising and digital marketing trends, companies that provide these services typically currently orient their upskilling and reskilling projects towards specific skills and knowledge. Here's what we want to share in this section so that if you also belong to this market sector, you can put them into practice.

Data Analysis

We live in the information age, and companies can gather and store a vast amount of customer data and campaign results. This data contains valuable insights, and companies that can deeply understand it gain an advantage by knowing where they are failing to improve and where they are succeeding to enhance it. Ultimately, having professionals who can conduct solid data analysis aids in an organization's decision-making process.

Database Management

Databases are the platforms or programs where customer data and various marketing campaign data are stored and managed by a company. Ensuring the integrity of all data, reducing security risks, and improving performance are highly valuable actions in today's world. Any error or setback in this regard could result in a significant loss of customers and valuable information.

Currently, there are many programs available for database management. Therefore, what is truly valuable in a marketing company is having professionals who know how to use these programs or can implement them effectively.

Digital Branding

We live in a highly competitive world where most companies operate in an environment where standing out is difficult. Additionally, customers are becoming increasingly demanding.

In this context, professionals capable of giving personality to a brand so that it truly has unique value are truly valuable. We're talking about creating catchy slogans, attractive logos, a brand image with personality, and knowing how to convey company values. Anything related to branding holds high value currently.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular trends in digital marketing today. This technology allows for the automatic creation of text, images, code, videos, and sound in just seconds. But it can also analyze data and automate tasks. In short, it's a true revolution.

However, in many professions, it remains a supplement, just another tool. And experts who know how to integrate it into their daily lives and workflow will be able to enhance their results and streamline their tasks.

Ecommerce Management

The world of ecommerce, and particularly marketplaces, has completely revolutionized the market for buying and selling products, making it one of the most powerful trends in digital marketing.

The power of these platforms is immense, allowing you to reach a large number of customers without the need to invest in a physical store and sell to different corners of the world with much lower investment than in the past.

Many brands don't want to be left behind and want to set up their own online store. Therefore, professionals capable of creating environments such as an ecommerce or helping brands sell on platforms like Amazon, Miravia, or Aliexpress are invaluable.

Online Customer Service and User Experience

Ecommerce has grown exponentially in recent times, but even though consumers are increasingly buying on online platforms, they still need human assistance to resolve their doubts and problems. Additionally, customers tend to be very demanding in that regard, demanding speed, good treatment, and a solution to their specific case, something that only an expert who knows how to deal with these issues well can provide.

On the other hand, the user experience on the website is extremely important for boosting sales and acquiring customers. Those experts in user experience who know how to design a website to be as easy and simple to use are also very important for companies, not only for those selling products but also services.


As we've already mentioned, customers are becoming increasingly demanding. Therefore, professionals who know how to conduct product, service, or campaign tests before they hit the market are highly sought after.

In these testing phases, their role is to identify potential problems to rectify them and ensure that what is being launched is as perfect as possible to the market.

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