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Tags: Podcasting By Tanit de Pouplana, on 14 February 2022

What Is a Microcast and How Can You Start One?

Podcasting has become a popular format for content in recent years. Recently, this format has evolved to include what's called a microcast.Read more

Tags: Cyberclick By Tanit de Pouplana, on 9 August 2021

Empowering Women in Digital Marketing

Although we have come a long way in the struggle for equal opportunities and equal rights, it is true that there is still a long way to go. At Cyberclick we want to pay tribute to all the women who day after day break the glass ceiling and create a p...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Tanit de Pouplana, on 5 July 2021

TikTok Ads: How to Generate Leads

TikTok ads has introduced a new lead generation tool for brands that advertise on this platform. This is fantastic news, as it allows users to achieve their marketing goals and connect with their audiences much more efficiently.Read more

Tags: Digital Marketing By Tanit de Pouplana, on 12 August 2020

How to Successfully Host a Virtual Event: 7 Key Tips

It’s no secret that in 2020, virtual events are now more popular than ever. Read more

Tags: Digital Marketing By Tanit de Pouplana, on 27 May 2020

Fake News: How to Tackle it Using Digital Marketing

Fake news is unfortunately a regular part of our online lives. However, there are thankfully many resources available to both users and brands to fight against this phenomenon. Read more

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