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Licenciada en Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas por la UAB. Digital Marketing Strategist en Cyberclick. _______________________________________________________________________ Degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the UAB. Digital Marketing Strategist at Cyberclick.

Tags: Online Sales By Anna Ribas, on 18 January 2023

What Does a Sales Development Representative Do?

Traditional sales strategies are giving way to more customer-centric models, where the marketing and sales processes are closely aligned.Read more

Tags: Digital Marketing By Anna Ribas, on 14 December 2022

Customer Centric Marketing: What It Is and How It Works

Customer centricity and customer centric marketing are strategies where the focus is on the customer. A company following this model will always make decisions by thinking about the impact they will have on its customers.Read more

Tags: Email Marketing By Anna Ribas, on 22 November 2022

How Email Marketing Segmentation Can Help You Generate More Sales and Loyalty

Did you know... segmenting your email marketing can increase your open rates by 203% according to Hubspot?Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Anna Ribas, on 11 August 2022

What Is the Freemium Business Model?

Are you wondering what a freemium business model in marketing is? It is the name of a model based on offering a product or service for free but offers extra features as part of a paid subscription.Read more

Tags: Online Marketing & Digital Marketing By Anna Ribas, on 9 August 2022

Effective Account Based Marketing: Inspirational Examples and Success Stories

Account Based Marketing, or ABM, is one of the most successful tools in B2B marketing. In short, it is a strategy in which marketing and sales teams work together to create a fully personalized buying experience for high-value customers.Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Anna Ribas, on 24 March 2022

What Are Impressions on Instagram?

If you use Instagram Ads or would like to have an organic brand presence on this network, understanding its metrics is key. It is the only way to keep a pulse on how your campaigns are performing and know what is needed to optimize them,Read more

Tags: Strategy By Anna Ribas, on 16 March 2022

What Is a Customer Experience Map?

While clients are a key part of many businesses, you shouldn't just think of them as entities that acquire your products, because they can in fact help you grow in many different ways. Clients are (or should be) a big part of your marketing plan, so ...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Anna Ribas, on 9 March 2022

Marketing Plan Basics: The SWOT Analysis Chart

In every business, it is important carry out internal and external evaluations. This not only helps when it comes to developing marketing strategies, but also when setting objectives, facing challenges, and looking for new opportunities. Understandin...Read more

Tags: Content Marketing By Anna Ribas, on 11 January 2022

Content Intelligence: What You Need to Know

Content intelligence is an increasingly popular marketing technique that helps brands understand the impact of their text, image and video content. Companies use software solutions that combine a variety of features for machine learning, natural lang...Read more

Tags: Digital Marketing By Anna Ribas, on 3 January 2022

Phygital: Definition and Advantages

Fewer and fewer users are shopping only online or only in physical stores. In fact, 58% of consumers already combine both channels, and this figure is expected to rise to 73% in a few years.Read more

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