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Cyberclick's marketing blog offers the latest insights into digital marketing and online advertising, with a focus on numerical data, insider knowledge, and emerging trends.

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Inbound Marketing Specialist en Cyberclick. Responsable de la estrategia y desarrollo de campañas de clientes. _______________________________________________________________________ Inbound Marketing Specialist at Cyberclick. Responsible for the strategy and development of customer campaigns.

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Tags: Online Sales By Marina Sala, on 18 September 2023

How to Turn Sales Objections into Opportunities

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, businesses must be prepared to handle sales objections at any stage of the customer journey. In this article, we will discuss the importance of sales objections and effective strategies for overcoming the...Read more

Tags: Inbound Marketing By Marina Sala, on 16 August 2023

How to Generate Sales Leads Without Cold Calling: 10 Tips

Most people reject calls from unknown numbers, so cold calling is not the best way to generate leads. Below, we're sharing alternatives for getting prospective clients in a quicker and more effective way.Read more

Tags: HubSpot By Marina Sala, on 28 June 2023

Zendesk vs. HubSpot: Choosing the Best for Customer Service Excellence

Maintaining satisfied and well-attended customers is one of the foundations of any company and any inbound marketing strategy. It is crucial to have effective customer service software to support you in achieving this goal. Today, Zendesk and HubSpot...Read more

Tags: Digital Marketing By Marina Sala, on 21 June 2023

Consumer Trust: What Is It?

Among the many marketing plans, the ones related to gaining consumer trust are some of the most important. This is mainly because without this trust, consumers will not bet on the product or service offered by a brand and will go to the competition.Read more

By Marina Sala, on 15 June 2023

HubSpot vs. Pipedrive: What's the Best CRM for Your Company?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is software that helps companies manage and organize customer relationships. Though there are many such platforms on the market, HubSpot and Pipedrive are among the most popular. If you are trying to decide be...Read more

Tags: HubSpot By Marina Sala, on 30 March 2023

HubSpot Best Practices for Assigning Permissions and Teams

If your company has multiple departments in different regions (either nationally or internationally), you may have noticed how difficult it can be to keep your Hubspot account organized and running smoothly. If you're still considering using Hubspot,...Read more

Tags: Inbound Marketing By Marina Sala, on 19 January 2023

10 Inbound Marketing Trends for 2023

Inbound marketing is based on attracting users to your brand by offering them value. This basic premise has evolved over the years, as the technological possibilities for attracting new customers, accompanying them through the conversion funnel and b...Read more

Tags: Ecommerce By Marina Sala, on 12 January 2023

Here Are the Top Ecommerce Trends for 2023

The rise of ecommerce, especially since 2020, has led many brands to create online stores. It has also led to the design of specific marketing campaigns for these types of businesses. However, in order to stand out from the competition, it is importa...Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Marina Sala, on 15 December 2022

Smarketing: What Is It?

Coordinating your marketing and sales departments is one of the best ways to improve the health of your company. That's why smarketing has emerged, a philosophy that helps you align and empower your entire team. Today we are going to see what this co...Read more

Tags: Digital Marketing By Marina Sala, on 16 November 2022

Predictive Marketing: What Is It and How to Apply It to Your Business

In marketing, we always try to anticipate trends. This is the only way to adapt to a constantly changing industry and to reach future customers wherever they are.Read more