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Tags: Online Marketing & Digital Marketing, Strategy By Kelly Rogan, on 30 May 2018

What is a KPI in your marketing strategy

Even if you don't know what a KPI is, you've probably heard of this concept more than once. It stands for Key Performance Indicator. One of the great achievements of digital marketing versus traditional marketing is the ability to quantify and measur...Read more

Tags: Digital Marketing, Strategy By Jessica Bubenheim, on 02 May 2018

5 Trends for Voice Marketing

Voice marketing? Voice assistants like Google home mini and Amazon’s Alexa, are transforming how companies set up their marketing strategy to sell to consumers. Over the next decade, global firms will have to innovate in making their voice heard thro...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Jessica Bubenheim, on 15 Nov 2017

Marketing Managers & ‘Design Thinking’

The term ‘Design thinking’ can be coined a clever marketing buzzword. The concept is not particularly new- but it’s certainly hot, and definitely great clickbait. Today I’d like demonstrate how the concept of ‘design thinking’ relates to marketing at...Read more

Tags: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Strategy By Laia Cardona, on 04 Oct 2017

Stop- 3 step self-analysis for social media success

Estimations say, by 2019 social media will see 17,000 million dollar investments from US firms alone. Social media isn’t only a US phenomenon; globally social media plays a key role in digital marketing strategies. Although sites like Facebook and Tw...Read more