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Tags: Strategy By Laia Cardona, on 16 Jul 2021

10 Strategies to Gain Visibility on Social Media

Social networks have become a fundamental part of any marketing strategy. They are also one of the best tools a company or brand has to gain visibility, generate web traffic, and communicate with its audience. However, even though visibility on socia...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Berta Ventura, on 14 Jul 2021

Conversion Rate Optimization: What You Need to Know

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one of the most effective strategies for converting existing web traffic into paying customers, and it should form an integral part of your marketing plan. After all, what is the point of promoting your website i...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Judit Pan, on 28 Jun 2021

LinkedIn Lead Generation: How to Achieve It

LinkedIn is the ideal social network for B2B marketing. Because it is focused exclusively on professionals, it is one of the best places to find contacts that can lead to new business opportunities. Yet when it comes to social media marketing, Linked...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Estela Viñarás, on 25 Jun 2021

What Is Trigger Marketing and When Can We Apply It?

In digital marketing it is essential to stay up to date with new tools and to make the most of every opportunity to connect with your target market. Because of this, we are going to talk about a very effective strategy, trigger marketing, which is cl...Read more

Tags: Strategy By David Tomas, on 18 Jun 2021

6 Examples of Lead Scoring Models

Lead scoring is not a one-size-fits-all system. Each company has its own uniquely designed scoring strategy that fits their particular objectives and targets. Even with the inherently individual nature of predictive lead scoring, it is beneficial to ...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Jessica Bubenheim, on 17 Jun 2021

What Is the SME and SMB Market Segment?

The terms small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can be difficult to characterize because each country has its own definition of what counts as an SME or SMB. Sometimes the industry that the company wor...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Berta Ventura, on 15 Jun 2021

Customer Pain Points: What Are They & How to Find Them

Customer pain points are one of the most important things for a brand to investigate. People buy to solve a problem, increase their happiness, or both. Everyone has problems, questions, and issues that they would like to solve, so consumers turn to p...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Berta Campos, on 10 Jun 2021

Emotional Branding: How to Connect with Your Customers

In an increasingly competitive environment, emotional marketing can make the difference between the success or failure of a brand.Read more

Tags: Strategy By Shanon Roberts, on 02 Jun 2021

What Is Multichannel Marketing?

Multichannel marketing uses a mixture of marketing techniques and channels to reach new and existing customers. Multichannel marketing can include email, direct mail, social media, events, paid ads, physical locations, and more. This approach allows ...Read more

Tags: Strategy By Diana Palau, on 04 May 2021

B2B Marketing Trends for 2021

B2B marketing is an ever changing industry with trends that come and go. Marketing in general has seen considerable changes in recent years with the shift towards digital content, and B2B marketing is no exception. The types of content people consume...Read more