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By Berta Campos, on 20 October 2015

Surely it has happened to you more than once: you were quietly browsing the Internet and suddenly you find an ecommerce pulling out your credit card. The thing is that companies are very clever when it comes to using online marketing to convince you to buy their products. Today we will show you their most common tricks and how brands get you to bring out your wallet.


  • 1) Appear in the first place. This online marketing technique is as obvious as it is effective: you do a Google search, perhaps only for information or to compare models, and suddenly they are there. Those who do not get placed in the top positions turn to SEO Google Adwords to gain positions rapidly and be there when they believe they will be needed.
  • 2) Being apart of your leisure time. The brands are posted on social networks, especially Facebook, to encourage you to participate in all kinds of contests and promotions each one more entertaining. How clever of them! They know that this not only encourages you to take the chance to win a prize, but they know if you have a good time with them you will be more willing to buy.
  • 3) Offer you free shipping. You wanted to buy only one thing, but at the end of the buying process you see that you need to spend only five euros more to receive free shipping. Who can resist the temptation to add something else to cart?
  • 4) To facilitate the payment as much as possible. The more steps you have to take to pay, the more likely it is that the most conservative part of your brain becomes active and you realize you do not really need what you're buying. To avoid this, the smartest brands do everything possible to facilitate your payment information by keeping your credit card. A great example of this is Amazon, with its strategy of "payment in one click".
  • 5) Use design in their favor. Colors, layout, font sizes and thousands of more resources help to direct your eyes to the juiciest products and ensure that you click the "buy" button. And speaking of buttons, did you know that those, which are shaded and raised, work better than those that are plain to encourage you to click?
  • 6) Anticipating your every need. Thanks to cookies and expert analysis on digital marketing, brands know what your wants and needs are even before you can think of them. And then, when you least expect it, an advertisement appears to you for just that product that you could use right now.
  • 7) Encourage you to continue with your purchase. Thanks to email retargeting, brands can write to remind you that you have left your cart abandoned and offer you help to complete your purchase.
  • 8) Catch your eye. A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to encouraging you to buy. Therefore, the best brands take advantage of Instagram to post pictures that stimulate your desire to buy.

Berta Campos

Photo by Flickr

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Berta Campos