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Marina Avilés

Inbound Marketing Strategist at Cyberclick.

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Tags: Online Sales By Marina Avilés, on 13 February 2024

What Is an MRP System and How Does It Work?

MRP, which stands for material requirements planning, is a software that allows for the management of stocks based on the needs of the company and facilitates decision-making regarding the production and the distribution of products and services, as ... Read more

Tags: Content Marketing By Marina Avilés, on 19 April 2023

Creator Economy: What Is It and How Does It Apply in Marketing?

Today, there are more than 200 million content creators around the world. These are people who, through different platforms and social networks share photographs, videos, and text on a wide variety of topics and, in some cases, even making a living f... Read more

Tags: Content Marketing By Marina Avilés, on 15 March 2023

GPT-4: How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used for Content Creation

Artificial Intelligence is constantly developing and improving. In this context, many professionals, such as inbound marketing content creators, are thinking about how this will affect their work. Read more

Tags: Online Sales By Marina Avilés, on 14 March 2023

Social Shopping: What Is It?

The number of social media users is increasing, and so is the number of social shoppers. These are the people who use social media channels to browse and purchase products without leaving the social media app. This is known as social shopping, and it... Read more

Tags: Inbound Marketing By Marina Avilés, on 16 June 2022

Lead Generation Chatbots: Tips for Getting Effective Leads

Chatbots improve aspects like customer service and order management. Did you know that you can also use them to generate leads for marketing? Read more

Tags: Digital Marketing By Marina Avilés, on 7 March 2022

Digital Marketing Automation Trends for 2022

Thanks to automation, we can offer hyper-personalized experiences to potential customers at every stage in the buyer's journey. Automation in digital marketing never stops evolving, so let's take a look at the trends in digital marketing automation f... Read more