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Why You're Not Making the Most of Your AdWords Dollars

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By Marta Canadell, on 26 July 2017

Business' - large and small - are no longer questioning the criticality of investing in the digital field, particularly SEM.

Often, CMOs invest large sums, but find it hard to see the ROI, especially when it comes to Google AdWords.

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6 questions to ensure your maximising ROI

Are you communicating your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

If your selling active wear and have invested the majority of your budget in terms like ‘sweatpants’ or even ‘yoga leggings’ - you may not being seeing the desired results. To maximise ROI with Adwords, the key is to be precise, specific, and communicate your products in a unique yet recognisable manner. Cut through the noise, show what makes you unique. You could use something like ‘women’s technical athletic yoga pants’. Bettter communicating your USP puts your money on a ‘safer bet’, your strategy becomes stronger, and the the possibility for conversions increases. Your directing users to the exact site they need.

Have you developed and effective strategy?

You’ve got a budget. Are you spending it on all the relevant keywords of your sector, and then surprised when ROI doesn’t reach its target? If you’re answer is yes, then your digging yourself a whole.

Before you dive into that kind of a mess, take a moment and dedicate time to plan your campaign. Then ask yourself- ‘who’s our ideal audience’, ‘what are the habits of our buyer persona’, and ‘how are we solving their problem’? These questions should be the foundation of your campaign and the keywords that are most relevant.

How can you improve your landing page?

Remember, just because something isn’t broken, doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. When users click on your optimised ad, they will have certain expectations based on what youv’e showed them. They’ve only just arrived, you wouldnt want them to walk out on you for a poorly managed page. Simple essentials to improve your page include:

  • first impression: communicate your offer within the first 3 second
  • don’t mislead: ensure your offer perfectly reflects what the user is looking for
  • keep it simple: show your user just how easy it is to become a customer, and convert.

Have you been retargeting?

The mean conversion rate in AdWords is between 0.05 and 5.00 %. This implies that the large majority of users get lost along the way. Thanks to retargeting, they’re not lost just yet.

If you’re an e-commerce, make the most of the opportunity of dynamic to offer ads customised for each product.

Is your account regularly adjusted and optimised?

You know how they say we only use roughly 10% of our brain? Chances are theres a large range of google functions yet to be discovered by your team. Google AdWords is full of tricks, tools, and surprises.

How do we make the most of these tools ready at our disposal? Consult with an expert in the field of SEM to reap the maximum benefits.

Are your ROI expectations realistic?

Google AdWords is one the our most measurable marketing solutions…but just because our goals are measurable, doesn’t make them automatically attainable.

To avoid finding yourself facing an ‘unforeseeable’ reality keep estimates conservative. Set yourself SMART goals when it comes to costs per click (CPC) and conversion rate.

On the bright side, there may be certain aspects of your ROI from AdWords that have slipped your mind: you may be under-calculating returns! A positive user experience can give rise to future benefits. One user can turn into a loyal customer making repeated purchases. One user can also impact their entire personal network by giving positive recommendations, serving as a positive influencer.

Marta Canadell

translated by Jessica Bubenheim

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Marta Canadell