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ChatGPT vs. Bard: Comparing the Most Powerful AI Text Generation Tools

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By David Tomas, on 27 June 2023

Generative artificial intelligence technology has been extensively discussed with prominent versions such as Google's Bard and OpenAI's ChatGPT at the forefront. These tools are currently leading the landscape of AI text generation and will undoubtedly play an increasingly vital role in shaping the future of marketing.

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ChatGPT vs Bard Comparing the Most Powerful AI Text Generation Tools

While these tools have raised concerns about potential job losses, it's crucial not to view these technological advancements with fear. Instead, we should see them as opportunities. Companies that adopt these tools and other innovations on the market will emerge as truly competitive in the near future.

Both ChatGPT and Bard offer numerous advantages. In the realm of marketing, they excel in tasks such as writing emails, analyzing competitor ads, creating media plans, performing SWOT analyses, and writing articles. These innovations significantly streamline daily work, and can become invaluable allies in many different types of projects. However, an important question arises: What are the key differences in terms of usability and results between Bard and ChatGPT?

How to Get Started With ChatGPT and Bard

In order to access ChatGPT's conversational chat, you click the link above and register. You will have to provide some personal data, which may not be to everyone's liking. On the plus side, when you access it, this tool can give you high quality responses in several languages (Spanish, English, etc.). The disadvantage is that it only collects information up to September 2021.

"I possess knowledge that is current until September 2021. Although I don’t have real-time internet access and cannot provide information beyond that date, I can still offer assistance on a wide range of topics and provide general information. I will gladly provide relevant information based on my acquired knowledge if you have a specific question. However, please be aware that any events or updates that have occurred after September 2021 may be beyond my knowledge."

To access Bard, click this link. Registration is very simple; you only need a Gmail account. The one potential disadvantage is that, at the time of publishing this article, access to this tool is limited to the English language and to users in the United Kingdom and the United States. When this tool is more evolved, it will be opened to other languages and countries.

However, there is a solution for everything! You can use a VPN to modify your IP and let Bard know you are in one of those countries. You can use a paid VPN or the free VPN offered by the Opera browser. As the answers are only in English, you can translate them with Google Translate.

Google Translate

5 Ways to Compare ChatGPT and Bard AI Created Responses

1. Create a Text With a Made-up Story

The request is focused on writing a creative text:

"I want you to come up with a story where the main characters are a dog and a cat playing with each other and a ball while talking about advances in artificial intelligence. It should be no more than 300 words."

The two tools have generated good responses. Both generated well-developed, original stories and a final moral supported by positive values. One thing that stands out is that Bard added a real dialogue between the dog and the cat, while ChatGPT generated everything spoken between the protagonists in the third person. Also, Google's tool gave more examples of AI evolution than OpenAI's.

ChatGPT and Bard's responses are below in that order.


Google Bard

2. Create the Text of an Email to a Client

The request is focused on writing a professional text:

"I have to write a formal email to a client where I explain the results of an SEO campaign. The results are: 30,000 monthly sessions of organic traffic, a bounce rate of 82%, a retention time of 4.5 minutes, and 1,400 leads were captured organically through the newsletter form. It should be no more than 100 words."

Both responses have the right level of formality, as this is a work email. Both also offer options to personalize the recipient's name at the beginning and the sender's name below. ChatGPT's response is not only based on the data provided but also analyzes the metrics and gives comments on whether they are positive or negative. Bard does something similar but has decided to invent on its own the growth or lack thereof over the previous month when this had yet to be requested or mentioned.

Here are ChatGPT and Bard's answers in that order.

Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 11.14.52 AM Medium

Google Bard

3. Create a Joke in Several Languages

The request focuses on getting a humorous response and seeing the ability of each tool to write in other languages:

"Write me a joke with the protagonists of The Fast & The Furious movies that is brief, and you must write it for me in 5 languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, and Portuguese."

ChatGPT has a better sense of humor than Bard, although both still have a ways to go. ChatGPT makes a joke that is understandable in all languages. Bard's joke, on the other hand, is based on an English phrase, which means that the joke only makes sense in English and loses its meaning in other languages. This makes sense as Bard is currently only available in the US and UK. The level of translation for both tools is quite similar, and they both generate some grammatical errors.

Here are ChatGPT and Bard's answers in that order.


Google Bard

4. Analyze a Competitor’s Ad

This request focuses on analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of a competitor's ad (we have selected a keyword and ad at random):

"I am the person responsible for Inbound Marketing at Cyberclick. Check this Google ad and tell me what its strengths and weaknesses are. The ad is for the company "eDreams," and the keyword I entered in the search is "travel to Dublin." Using that, I got the text of this ad: Cheap Flights to Dublin - Find the Best Deals. Join the World's Largest Travel Subscription Program and Save. Choose your Flight, Go to the Checkout Page, Add to Prime, and the Discount will Apply. eDreams App." Make it no longer than 150 words."

The AI tools correctly highlighted strengths and weaknesses, although it's worth noting that ChatGPT is better at developing conclusions. On the other hand, Bard, at the end of its response, provides an extra point where it suggests ways to optimize the ad.

Here are ChatGPT and Bard's answers in that order.


Google Bard

5. Text on Current Affairs

This request focuses on getting a synthesis of current news:

"Give me a summary of the 5 most important pieces of news from Spanish-speaking countries during the first half of May 2023."

Not much to add here, Bard offers answers based on current events, and ChatGPT already warns that it only has information until September 2021.

Here are ChatGPT and Bard's responses in that order.


Google Bard

Both ChatGPT and Bard are fascinating tools. ChatGPT allows you to create long and complex texts in multiple languages, while Bard is making strides toward achieving a similar capability. Currently, Bard holds a significant advantage by providing answers based on up-to-date news, whereas ChatGPT lacks this functionality. What do you think? Which one is better?

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David Tomas