The CEO of Starbucks Encourages Employees With Motivational Mail

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By Laia Cardona, on 3 September 2015

Motivating communication from @Starbucks and the CEO before the crisis! Last week Asian markets lost 1 trillion dollars, causing a domino effect of losses on all stock exchanges worldwide. Most CEOs of companies ignored this news, but Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, decided to send their employees or "associates" a motivational letter regarding this topic. He wanted to alleviate their concerns and encourage them to show special consideration to customers.

It was a trending topic on Twitter the hashtag #GreatFallOfChina because of the fall of the Asian market. This has led many people to reduce their investments or become concerned about whether the fall can directly or indirectly affect their business. Employees of the international coffee chain were also very aware of the situation, a total of 190,000 workers.

ceo of starbucks encourages employees with motivational mail

Shultz decided it was necessary to reassure their "partners" (as called in the jargon of Starbucks employees) and sent them a memorandum on Monday, August 24th. There are voices that criticize the actions of the CEO, but no one doubts that it makes a difference, giving priority to workers and customers.

What if this company has much better than average coffee? What makes them the best chain in its sector worldwide? In part, it is due to the quality of the coffee, but mainly the success is given by the way they do things:

  • Innovation

  • Staying connected with the present and the needs of customers and "partners"

  • Dignify and praise others.

I also invite you to see this "Howard Schultz: The Work Environment" video.

Laia Cardona