5 Innovative Ideas to Start Your Surveys on Twitter

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By Helena Sáenz, on 7 December 2015

The types of Tweets like "RT(retweet) or FAV(favorite)" and are long gone. Until now, the options to do a survey on Twitter were limited: you had to write down the answers one by one, the followers had to choose between two actions, to vote or resort to the "vote hashtag" type solutions. But since last October 21, it is possible to know instantly and easily the opinion of your audience by using the new tool offered by this social network. Here I will leave you with 5 innovative ideas to start your polls on Twitter.

4 steps to surveys on Twitter

This is a very simple and intuitive tool. To launch your own survey, you only need to follow these steps:

  • When composing a new tweet, click the pie chart icon (next to the option to add photo).
  • Enter your question and the possible answers.
  • Post the tweet as usual. You can always see the results of the survey and the time remaining, but the participants are anonymous: you do not know who has voted and there will not be any notification on the time line of the user who voted.
  • At the end of the survey period, all of the users will be notified of the results.

This new tool has two important limitations: first, the number of options (only can choose two) and secondly, it is not possible to modify activity within the survey, which is always 24 hours. The advantage of these limitations is that they favor simplicity and participation, as it is very easy to choose and there is a sense of urgency that motivates the user to respond as soon as possible.

Surveys on Twitter

5 Ideas to start your surveys

In short, surveys on Twitter are an option with great potential to improve the communication of your brand. Here are some ideas to get started:

1# Check the knowledge of the users about your brand or your products. For example: "Which of our sneaker models allow you to jump higher?".

2# Find out what content your users prefer to align your strategy with what most interests them. For example: "Do you prefer us to publish more video tutorials or more interviews?".

3# Make your own mini market research. For example, if you're an editorial marketer you may be interested in questions like "Do you usually buy more books in paper or digital version?" Or "Do you have a Kindle or any other eBook reader?".

4# Learn more about your followers. For example, if you have a business related to the tourism world you could launch a survey with the classic "beach or mountain" question.

5# Investigate what products and services are preferred by your followers. Let them choose between two options of your catalog.

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Helena Sáenz