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10 Colors to Increase Your Sales with Digital Advertising and why they work!

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By Berta Campos, on 19 December 2016

All the best marketers know that colors are an essential and special part of increasing sales, and there is no excuse for not using them in your digital advertising campaigns.

It has been known for a quite a while now that different colors provoke different emotions in people, are associated to certain values and can create all kinds of feelings. Not sure yet what color your brand is? Find out below!

What color will increase your sales according to your goals?

different colors in advertising

1) Red

The color of power, although it is also associated to blood and danger. Red attracts attention and holds on to it, catching our eye immediately. It is one of the most popular colors in the digital marketing world to increase sales for this exact reason. Take advantage of its energy, but be careful not to overdo it!

color red

2) Blue

A calming and soothing color and transmits trust to your audience. To get the best results, combine it with notes of calm, secondary colors.

color blue

3) Pink

Although it is a somewhat controversial topic, it is undeniable that pink continues to be extremely effective in increasing sales, directly linked to femininity. It is a fun and playful color, and perfect for brands that don’t take themselves too seriously.

color pink

4) Yellow

Similar to red, yellow is power, but also hints at danger. Use it to catch your users’ attention and transmit self-confidence: yellow is only for brands that are very sure of themselves.

color yellow

5) Green

If your company has any kind of connection to ecology or the environment, green is a safe bet for your digital marketing. But that is not all green is associated with: it is also the color of money, making it useful in suggesting wealth. Last but not least, it is also a pleasant and comforting color, creating a sense of comfort among users.

color green

6) Purple

Purple is the color of royalty, making it perfect add a touch of elegance and prestige to your products. It is also related to feminism, making it a great option if your brand is related to women.

color purple

7) Gold

If you goal is to transmit elegance and prestige, gold is the quickest and most effective color to increase sales. Combine it with purple or green to symbolize wealth and class.

color gold

8) Orange

A color full of energy! It is daring and fun, and is great to attract attention. Use it in you digital marketing to know whether your brand’s audience is truly innovative and up to date.

color orange

9) Brown

The color of chocolate and the earth, brown is full of cozy comfy and warm memories. Although it may seem bland at first glance, it is a great option to make your audience feel at home.

color brown

10) Black

Black is the new black: an unfailing and foolproof essential in any wardrobe, and extremely versatile in you digital marketing efforts. It can be modern, traditional, emotional or relaxing. Use it to create dramatic contrasts with other tones.

color black

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