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By Cyberclick Team, on 14 March 2018

Social media has been among us for more than 10 years and certain social media channels are more than consolidated. Vero social media is showing us, there’s always room for new developments and surprises. Vero social media, is a social network app that wants to compete with Facebook and Instagram.

Although Vero social media was launched for the first time in 2015, Vero App is starting to see exponential growth now, and it’s demonstrating several advantages to existing social media. Let's see what value add Vero social media offers to users and brands.

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The benefits of Vero social media for Vero App users

  • The unique selling point of Vero is that it aims to generate a sense of authenticity, to form real connections between people. Therefore, it offers users different levels of privacy, from "close friends" to contacts that are simply followed. In this way, its creators argue that it allows the users to relate in a more authentic way, because in the real life we do not have the same levels of confidence with the whole world.
  • No Ads. Vero has no publicity and, according to its founders, will never have it, which for the user implies a much more fluent use experience. In return, this social media is based on a subscription model: the first million users will enjoy it for free and forever, but the following will have to pay "a few dollars a year" (the exact amount has not yet been revealed). Although it’s easy to second guess them given that we are accustomed to free social media services, remember that there are already many services with a price tag that have seen large scale acceptance, such as Netflix or Spotify.
  • Finally, another argument pro Vero social media for users is the protection of privacy, because Vero app does not share user data with trademarks.

The benefits of Vero social media for brands on Vero App

The benefits of Vero social media for users are very obvious, but it may not be as clear at first sight what it offers to brands. However, this social media has several very interesting possibilities for your future online marketing plan:

  • No algorithms.In Facebook, brands see how algorithms of latest news sections makes limits the scope of their publications. Often, brands see no other choice but pay money and promote their posts. On the other hand, on Vero social media, the user can see all the latest publications of people and brands which they are following, in chronological order and without algorithmic alteration. So Vero social media may represent a very interesting way to get to our audience in an organic way.
  • In app purchases.Vero offers the choice of in app purchases. Whilst Vero charges a commission fee, it could still prove an alternative way to generate conversions.
  • Influencer marketing.It is very attractive for influencers and content creators, both for the multiple formats of the publications and for their organic reach. Therefore, the brands interested in influencer marketing will do well not to lose sight of it on Vero social media.

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