10 Strategies to Gain Visibility on Social Media

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By Laia Cardona, on 27 July 2022

Social networks have become a fundamental part of any marketing strategy. They are also one of the best tools a company or brand has to gain visibility, generate web traffic, and communicate with its audience. However, even though visibility on social media is one of the key factors to achieving success, it can be difficult to make this happen.

To help to achieve success, we'll explain how you can gain visibility on social networks and why it is important to do so.

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Why It's Important to Have a Presence on Social Media

Having a solid presence on social media has numerous benefits for a brand. One of the most sought-after is increasing sales. Social networks allow you to reach thousands of people, many of whom may be interested in your products and services, and then go on to become customers. These platforms are also a way to get to know the public much better so that your future campaigns can better meet their needs.

Social media is also a place where you can advertise at a much lower cost compared to traditional media since it is not necessary to invest a large amount of money to get started. In addition, ads on social networks can have a global reach and therefore, your brand can be known internationally.

Being on social networks is also a way of communicating with customers by answering their questions, responding to their suggestions, and resolving issues they might have. It is a way of gaining trust and being closer to the public.

For these reasons, being present on social media is indispensable. However, to get results, it's necessary to take into account certain aspects and follow a strategy.

Strategies to Gain Visibility on Social Media

To gain visibility on platforms like Instagram or Facebook, it is necessary to follow a strategy. It is not about creating large amounts of content, it is about doing it in a careful and studied way. Here are the keys to gaining visibility on social networks.

Create Quality Content

The basis for any profile on Facebook, Instagram or any other social network to be successful is to create quality content. This means that you have to take care of both the texts and the photographs, images, or videos.

If you are going to use text, in addition to providing information, it must be carefully written. Grammar and spelling are very important to transmit professionalism. If you are going to use images, photographs, videos, or any other audiovisual element, in addition to being interesting and eye-catching, they must be of good quality.

All content published in networks must provide useful, interesting, or eye-catching content to the reader.

Publish at the Ideal Times for Your Audience

When choosing the time to publish, it's important to take into account the type of audience that the content is for. Aspects such as nationality, age, profession, education, etc. must be taken into account in order to find out which time slot, or even which days of the week are ideal. Do some testing to determine when the people who are likely to be interested in your posts are online. This will help you generate greater engagement.

Once you know the best time to post on social media, you can use certain tools to schedule your posts accordingly. Put out your best content during the busiest hours or days.

Redirect to Your Profiles

Each social network has its own audience and its own type of content, but this does not mean that you cannot redirect between your different profiles. The same should be done on a website, blog, newsletter, etc. The idea is to make it easy for the public to find you.

By this, we do not mean that you are continuously bombarding users with links. It should always be done in a measured way, without being too invasive or it could provoke the opposite effect on the user.

Include Calls to Action

A call to action consists of telling the user what to do next. It is usually displayed in the form of a button or text and is strategically placed within the content to encourage the user to click on it.

A call to action is could invite the user to register on the website, download a file, view a video, etc. The message should be direct and clear so that it is evident to the user what to do.

Interact With Your Followers

One of the strengths of social networks is that they serve as a communication channel, uniting brands and users. Being on social media is not only about publishing content, it involves interacting with the public, answering their questions, solving any kind of problem they may have, and so on.

Instagram is a platform that is very conducive to interaction because it allows you to ask questions, create surveys and encourage users to participate. This is also possible through Facebook.

These are very useful ways to get to know the audience better and at the same time encourage them to participate.

Lives and New Formats

Instagram, for instance, has different formats for its content, so to succeed on this platform we recommend making the most of all the features, especially live.

For brands, a live broadcast is a way to gain visibility and drive interaction. In addition, it has been proven that those who make frequent lives increase organic traffic to their website. It is also a way to show your brand to the public in an informal way.

Collaborate With Similar Accounts

Social networks allow you to meet other people or brands in your sector. Make the most of this and contact those who may be interested in a collaboration. Collaborations must benefit both parties. It is not about competing, it is about helping each other.

Ideal you'll want to collaborate with people or brands that are not direct competitors, but that work in the same sector or that, despite being different sectors, have some kind of connection with what you do.

Contests are also a very good tool to become visible on social networks. This is a very common type of collaboration since users often have to follow the different profiles that organize it.

Choose Your Hashtags Carefully

Hashtags are keywords related to a post that allow users to find content that they are searching for or that might interest them. The use of hashtags, when done consistently and integrated into the content and brand, allows users to find a post or profile. It also helps increase the visibility and reach of a post.

Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags per post, so don't overdo it. It is also advisable to use less generic and more specific keywords, as the latter tend to have less competition. That said, it's good to include some popular ones too as long as they are related to the post.

Pay Close Attention to Your Copy

As mentioned, it is important to publish quality content that gets users' attention. By this, we mean that it is very important to have great copy.

In addition to catching the audience's attention and convincing them to stay, it must communicate the message in a clear, simple, and eye-catching way. In other words, it has to be the perfect hook.

Connect Emotionally With Your Audience

Any brand that wants to gain visibility on social media must try to understand the public and connect with them emotionally. It must try to understand their concerns, needs, problems, etc., and offer them a solution.

To achieve this it is important to convey that behind the social networks there is a team of people who care about the followers. Using friendly, informal language and interacting with users can be a good way to connect with the public.

Social networks are an essential element for any company that wants to increase brand awareness and sales. However, achieving this requires a plan regarding how you will create high-quality content, and then putting in the time and effort to make that plan a reality.

New Social Media Platforms


BeReal strives to give users a platform to share candied and authentic content rather than content or images that are highly curated. The app notifies users to capture and share a photo within a 2-minute window at a different time each day. It doesn’t offer any filters or give users the ability to make edits. Since the beginning of the year, the app has seen a 315% increase in downloads.

The brand does not yet offer advertising for brands, but there are companies like Chipotle that have taken advantage of BeReal's candid nature to create creative and organic content on the app.


Supernova is a purpose-driven platform that pledges to give back a portion of its advertising revenue to global charities. It is similar to Instagram in that it lets users share photos, exchange messages, and more. Users can choose the charities that resonate with them the most, and each time a post is liked, their chosen charity will receive a larger portion of the app's "donation fund."

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