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10 signs that a social marketer is crazy about their job

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By Laia Cardona, on 12 August 2016

Social marketers are a little… intense when it comes to their job. Social networks fascinate and marvel us, and sometimes we can become slightly obsessed. If you have ever worked in this area, you will probably identify with a few of these 10 signs that happen when a social marketer is crazy about their job.

How do you know when a social marketer is crazy about their job?

1) They spend the day running A/B tests on social networks

Which is how they can tell you with absolute certainty that the posts with most positive interactions are those that have 97 characters, three verbs and two exclamation marks, are paired with an image with cold color tones and a Call-to-action in Helvetica font, published between 3:37 and 3:39 pm.


2) They know and have tried out every new social network before anyone else

“You’re not on Hyper yet? What world do you live in?”


3) They are always online on Whatsapp

No matter what, you can always count on them to answer your messages within a minute. Their typing speed is invisible to the human eye.


4) They are in love with KPIs

In fact, they often dream of them and wake up mumbling incomprehensible formulas.

5) Analyzing results is their favorite hobby

Give them access to a Google Analytics and that will keep them entertained for hours on end.


6) Their favorite app is Candy Crush via Facebook

“No, no, seriously, I don’t have a problem. I can stop whenever I want.”

7) They cried when Instagram, Facebook and Google updated their logos

And then combined all the old logos in a tribute image and uploaded them to each network.

8) They would never develop a digital marketing strategy that doesn’t include at least 5 different social networks

Of course a cement brand needs to be on Peach, Vine and Snapchat!

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9) Reviews their campaign’s evolution over the weekends

There you are having fun at a party and all of a sudden you see them in a corner, Gin Tonic in one hand, smartphone in the other, staring at a dashboard full of incomprehensible diagrams and graphs. Best not to even ask.

10) 100% of their life is on social media

You will never have to ask you favorite social marketer what’s up: if you take a look at their Instagram you will find photos of their visit to the gym, their cat’s new collar, their work meeting, their morning, the four streets and two stores they walked past as well as the three meals and two coffees they had that day. In fact, you start to worry if they haven’t published anything in the last two hours.

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Do you see yourself in any of these? Remember: a good social marketer loves what they do but careful! Don’t forget to turn off your phone and disconnect from time to time ;-)

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Laia Cardona