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Kelly Rogan

International Business Developer and Digital Marketer.

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Tags: Strategy By Kelly Rogan, on 24 August 2021

What Is a KPI in Your Marketing Strategy

Even if you don't know what a KPI is, you've probably heard of this term more than once. It stands for Key Performance Indicator. One of the great achievements of digital marketing over traditional marketing is its ability to quantify and measure all... Read more

Tags: Email Marketing By Kelly Rogan, on 20 February 2019

What's a Landing Page and How Does It Increase Conversions?

Whatever you do in your online marketing strategy, one thing is very clear: if you want to increase conversions, you need a landing page. Read more

By Kelly Rogan, on 27 July 2016

Is Programmatic The Future Of Advertising?

It feels as if advertising is in a constant state of change, leaving us wondering, can anyone really keep up? The current big change and emerging trend is programmatic buying and advertising, which is really taking over the marketing scene nowadays. ... Read more

Tags: Twitter By Kelly Rogan, on 2 June 2016

The Best Promoted Tweets of All Time

A well written tweet, posted at the perfect time can take the internet by storm, being retweeted and talked about for days afterwards. Below is a look at some of the best tweets of all time alongside of analysis of exactly what makes them go. Read more

Tags: Content Marketing By Kelly Rogan, on 24 May 2016

How to Determine the ROI of Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Content Marketing is a well-known way to attract people to your company’s website, services or product, but how exactly do you measure the success with these campaigns? This is a problem that many marketers and companies face, but there are real solu... Read more

Tags: Email Marketing By Kelly Rogan, on 10 May 2016

The Email Marketing Data You Need to Know

Although the death of email marketing has been long predicted, this classic marketing technique shows no sign of fading away. Email remains a cornerstone of successful marketing in organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to multi-national c... Read more

Tags: Twitter By Kelly Rogan, on 26 April 2016

How to Increase Sales by 29% with Twitter Ads

Social networks are used to build a community, but can it really be used to increase sales too? According to a study by Datalogix that was sponsored by Twitter, followers who are exposed to promoted tweets will purchase a whopping 29% more in store. ... Read more

Tags: Twitter By Kelly Rogan, on 21 April 2016

How to optimize your Twitter Ads with the quality score

Twitter Ads are an increasingly popular way for businesses to increase brand awareness, application installs, website visits among other objectives that ultimately increase sales and company success. According to a study by Twitter and Datalogix, peo... Read more

Tags: Twitter By Kelly Rogan, on 23 February 2016

How to use Twitter Ads to achieve your marketing objectives

The truth is, no matter what sector or product we work with, we can no longer afford being behind on the times – not being up to date is not an option. Consumers are constantly being targeted and bombarded with an infinite amount of brands products a... Read more

Tags: Online Marketing & Digital Marketing By Kelly Rogan, on 16 February 2016

How digital advertising Works on webpages: Find out how to sell and win!

There are increasingly more webpages and online environments which are beginning to get a considerable amount of traffic and want to monetize this, in other words, make money from the insertion of advertising formats. For this reason, I want to teach... Read more