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Tags: Cyberclick, Online Marketing & Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing By Kelly Rogan, on 13 January 2016

The 10 digital marketing skills most sought by companies

How do the Spanish firms compare in today's digital environment? Are we up to other countries in terms of digital skills most sought by companies or are we still a long way to go? Thanks to the latest study by the ICEMD (Institute of Digital Economy)...Read more

Tags: AdBlocks & Bloqueadores Publicidad By Kelly Rogan, on 15 December 2015

Yahoo's big mistake! To block AdBlock users

More and more users choose to use adBlocks and more and more companies look for ways to bypass this restriction so that their advertising revenues do not decrease. The last one is Yahoo, which has committed the big error of blocking users who have ad...Read more

Tags: Digital Advertising By Kelly Rogan, on 12 December 2015

3 Incredible Solutions to Avoid Adblocks Affecting Your Business

Adblocks are starting to take over people’s browsers all over the world. From Adblock Plus to Adfender to AdMuncher, there are a plethora of options out there for all types of consumers who all have one thing in common; they are sick and tired of inv...Read more

Tags: Content Marketing By Kelly Rogan, on 23 July 2015

10 inspiring ideas for your content marketing

We all know that digital marketing mantra: "content is king". Creating quality content is critical to have a strong digital presence, but sometimes the inspiration fails and it is hard for us to find ideas for our content plan. For this not to happen...Read more

Tags: Happiest Company By Kelly Rogan, on 22 July 2015

Business Culture and Team: David Tomas in BStartup

Yesterday July 15, 2015 one of the BStartup keynote sessions took place in the center of Barcelona at Banco Sabadell. 10 entrepreneurs with projects related to the digital environment and that have been less than two years with their companies in the...Read more

Tags: App Marketing & Publicidad Móvil By Kelly Rogan, on 9 July 2015

Case study: What mobile marketing strategy generates more engagement?

Seeing the great interest generated by the above comparison of mobile applications, now we are back with a new article of the same style, but changing to the fashion industry: Mango vs. App Zara App. What mobile marketing strategy generates more enga...Read more

Tags: Online Marketing & Digital Marketing, App Marketing & Publicidad Móvil By Kelly Rogan, on 25 June 2015

6 fascinating facts about Mobile Advertising

More and more people have smart devices. These are now playing a crucial role to increase traffic and sales in online business or e-commerce. So much that mobile advertising visits to a store can increase by 80% within 24 hours after the first exposu...Read more

Tags: App Marketing & Publicidad Móvil By Kelly Rogan, on 22 June 2015

McDonald's Spain App vs. Burger King Spain App - What marketing strategy will win in the mobile game?

Fast food chains are part of our daily lives, just like our mobile phone. Surely you’ve eaten a burger menu with fries and a drink in your time off from work, with family or hanging out with friends. Therefore, we will analyze the McDonald's and Burg...Read more

Tags: Inbound Marketing, Native Advertising By Kelly Rogan, on 18 June 2015

David Tomas speaks of Native Advertising at the Inbound Marketing Made in Madrid event

June 11th I attended the third edition of Inbound Marketing Made in Madrid in the central location of Cines Callao, to know a little more what are the latest trends to structure and streamline the marketing funnel. I was pleasantly surprised that the...Read more

Tags: App Marketing & Publicidad Móvil, Native Advertising By Kelly Rogan, on 11 June 2015

Secret revealed! When digital advertising will surpass TV advertising

We love to use the phrase "Internet is the future" and we are all aware that it is a fairly settled truth, because there are many market sectors living in part or entirely on the network. Marketers are aware of this reality, but investment in digital...Read more