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The 10 Digital Marketing Skills Most Sought by Companies

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By Kelly Rogan, on 13 January 2016

How do the Spanish firms compare in today's digital environment? Are we up to other countries in terms of digital skills most sought by companies or are we still a long way to go? Thanks to the latest study by the ICEMD (Institute of Digital Economy) on digital skills in the business, we know more data on the relationship with the companies in our country with the various digital tools and new social media.

Online marketing professionals have very clear objectives and the places where they invest their clients' budgets. You can find out what ad formats are successful, as explained in this post: The 8 digital advertising formats that you must not lose sight of. But companies are increasingly aware that when they have to hire the services of an expert marketer, they must have broad knowledge and digital skills that are essential for success.

Spanish companies are increasingly aware that their marketers have to move like fish in water in the online environment. It is also essential that they possess digital skills in some selection processes. Market sectors such as tourism and retail are the most likely to have implanted these skills in their departments and professionals.

The 10 digital marketing skills most sought by companies

digital marketing skills

1. Attract and retain customers through a digital strategy

The vast majority of marketers and managers prefer to focus their efforts on setting strategies in the digital environment in order to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It is noteworthy that, despite being the favorite competition for professionals, is also the least implemented in our country, as stated in the study.

2. Have a business strategy and methodologies aimed at promoting digital innovation

This ability, one in high demand, refers to strategies or decisions of relevant departments of enterprises in order to promote the use and development of new digital and social tools.

3. Have a strategy and specific technology to manage customer relationships

Another essential digital skills most sought for marketers whose main pillar attention to customers and the relationship with them. To do this, you should have specific strategies to provide effective customer service through social and digital media, and conducting studies on the behavior of each and develop a plan Customer Experience.

4. Have the strategy and technology to exploit the knowledge

Other than the essential points and favorite digital marketing refers to the use by the companies to promote and exploit knowledge of digital media and its infinite possibilities to achieve the objectives.

5. Coordinate and work together in digital environments

One of the most valuable digital skills today is the ability to work in teams and collaborate with other professionals within the digital environment.

6. Have a digital marketing plan

It is important to set a plan and work on it to get the desired results. This also implies the need for a separate computer that is responsible for carrying out the plan of going digital with the marketing and implementing new strategies.

7. Diagnose customer experience in moments of client truth

There are key moments in the customer experience. Moments that indicate if the consumer did not like the service or product you have used and knows the reason for those feelings. Successfully diagnosing what has happened is vital to continually improve marketing strategy, almost in real time. Even if the users experience was not good, if we detect causes and motivations, it will help us improve the client’s path until it gets to consume or purchase.

8. Know to share content in the cloud and in social networks

Social networks and the cloud have changed how to communicate between companies and customers almost completely. The cloud also provides clear advantages over conventional storage devices. Knowing how to use each of these tools and to take full advantage is another favorite digital skill that digital marketers possess.

9. Achieve good rankings for my sites

Mastering the techniques of SEO and have a scientific and analytical mind to apply the best SEM campaigns will lead us to get good positioning of our client sites. Although it is in ninth place, the truth is that this digital competition is one of the most sought and implemented within companies.

10. Be able to obtain relevant information and process data

With new digital tools, we can obtain knowledge and information especially of importance to help us set new strategies or make decisions of vital relevance. It is therefore important to know how to get this information and how to process as much data as possible and we facilitate the daily work. Here our greatest allies may be the TechMarketing and advertising program, which also are 2 solutions to adBlocks problems. To learn more about this topic you can expand on this post, 3 amazing solutions to avoid AdBlocks affecting your business.

The findings are clear. Managers know what the keys are to master the marketing, but the reality is that many of these keys or digital skills still are not part of day-to-day businesses. On the other hand, social and digital media are present in the vast majority of Spanish companies but, as I mentioned earlier, a large minority of organizations still remain to have professional or work areas intended solely to develop digital marketing. As a rule, these powers remain integrated in the area of ​​marketing and communication.

On the other hand, only 19% of Spanish companies have a Digital High Competition Index and most of them belong to the services sector, as this latest study reveals.

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