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David Tomas speaks of Native Advertising at the Inbound Marketing Made in Madrid event

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By Kelly Rogan, on 18 June 2015

June 11th I attended the third edition of Inbound Marketing Made in Madrid in the central location of Cines Callao, to know a little more what are the latest trends to structure and streamline the marketing funnel. I was pleasantly surprised that there was high participation, since in total there were 370 people who would fill the room and more than 120 who were with us via streaming. This shows that marketing increasingly captivates the attraction of more marketers, bloggers, advertisers, communicators and journalists, among other sectors.


It is really good news for our fellow company Inbound Cycle, because they have managed to position this event Inbound Marketing as the most important in the Spanish speaking world. The event included the participation of 8 outstanding speakers, among whom was David Thomas, and five bloggers related to the field of digital marketing.

For those who come back to the question: What is Inbound Marketing? It is a methodology that is increasingly taking more depth within the marketing sector of online advertising, and that shuns traditional ads that can saturate the receptor, and generates a type of Native Advertising that offers quality, useful and current information for the final public. Using publishing platforms like social networks, blogs prestige and digital media.

Its success relies on effectiveness to build and promote the brand image of companies. Helping companies approach customers, understanding that behind every user is a person who wants to have their special needs understood. "Humanize advertising and marketing" is one of the premises that have been most stressed during the talks.


Native Advertising

During his presentation, David Thomas, CEO and cofounder of Cyberclick, surprised us with an interesting and impressive presentation on Native Advertising, which aims to provide information that builds people’s trust. For this reason the content relevant to the user "is king" and from there you have to search the web or the most appropriate means of publication, without being invasive, so as to generate a positive reaction from consumers to the company and brand. "Marketing departments have to think and act as editors of media, written for the users and have adapted to their tastes."

In addition, David remarked that marketers and their teams have to function as laboratories where they have to hypothesize, investigate what texts and headlines have generated a better reaction (engagement) and discarding the least. Understanding that each social media outlet should publish different content - customize and don’t automate - and not the same for all networks.


Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing

Another one of the talks I want to emphasize is that of Pau Valdes, CEO of Inbound Cycle, explaining that nowadays consumers find what they are looking for through paid ads in Google Adwords (SEM), social networks, organic search and references opinion forums. Those responsible for digital marketing have opted for these formulas, broadcasting in recent years wisely, but according Pau "we must not forget the more traditional marketing or Outbound Marketing: TV, radio, banners, retargeting or emailing. The marketers were saying that these techniques had become obsolete and lost effectiveness. But in reality they are techniques, which continue to operate, as television commercials. Therefore, the most effective campaigns are those that currently meet with Inbound and Outbound techniques ".

The rest of participants gave lectures focusing on digital marketing, their methodologies were:

  • Jordi Hernandez, director of digital marketing training division of Grupo Planeta, "People want to know, want to understand: the response funnel begins with what, why and how. Only at the end, who and when. "
  • Ivan Ruiz, CEO of SEOCOM, "Panda and Penguin are the algorithms that give more headaches to the SEO: first you want the content to be good."
  • Eilis Boyle, Marketing Manager of HubSpot, "The twenty-first century marketing is to attract, customize and deliver value. Before companies were those that were in control and its now in the hands of the consumer. "
  • Romain Goday, Channel Consultant SEMEA of HubSpot, "We write to be on the first page of results every day. For that, you must first choose keywords. "
  • Alex Lopez, CEO of SARTIA, "Sellers must be where our customers are, if this is in Whatsapp then Whatsapp is where we need to be."
  • Ferran Calatayud, Marketplace Manager in Nubelo, "Let's build the team based on the objectives, dont build the objectives based on the team.

A round table was also held with some of the most influential bloggers in Spain to discuss what are the best methods to attract traffic. It involved

  • Victor Martin @Vmdeluxe consultant of online marketing and digital business advisor, author of the blog Victormartinp
  • Miguel Angel Florido @Marketingandweb, consultant of digital marketing, social media and author of the blog Marketing and Web
  • Joseph Facchin @Facchinjose, online marketing consultant and manages his own blog
  • Jorge Gonzalez del Arco @Jorgegonzalezd, consultant, trainer and expert in blogging and social networking speaker. He is the author of
  • Vilma Nunez consultant, teacher and international speaker on online marketing. Her website is

After a full day of inspiring talks, the truth is out there waiting for us to use and apply the knowledge to our projects, personal life and customers.

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