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10 Successful Marketing Strategy Examples

By Dany Ortiz, on 13 July 2020

Looking for some successful marketing strategy examples to inspire you? Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

It never hurts to take a look at examples of great marketing campaigns to help get your creative juices flowing. You may not have the same budget of these large brands, but many marketing strategies can be easily adapted to companies of all sizes. So, without further ado, I’m going to share 10 examples of marketing strategies that I love.

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10 Marketing Strategy Examples


Marketing Strategy: 10 Examples of Brands that Succeed

#1. Spotify: Offer a Different User Experience

Today, Spotify is one of the best known global companies on the planet. But how did this Swedish brand come to conquer the world?

There are many streaming music services, but what makes Spotify unique is its focus on helping users discover new content. Spotify breaks the mold of typical music streaming platforms and instead offers listeners a totally new user experience. 

For example, in addition to the typical filter by genre, Spotify also allows users to choose music based on their moods, whether you want to workout, to sleep, or even need some songs to sing in the shower. This helps users discover songs that would never have occurred to them and in turn, reinforces their relationship with the brand. They are also the leaders in using artificial intelligence to curate playlists specifically based on their users’ habits, like Release Radar and Discover Weekly. 

10 Marketing Strategy Examples


#2. Nordstrom: Use Retargeting Intelligently

A constant problem faced by online marketers is the fact that consumers are now so easily distracted. Between multiple windows, messaging programs, and “real world” interruptions, there are many reasons users end up abandoning their carts. 

To solve this problem, Nordstrom employs an assertive retargeting strategy using emails and retargeting ad campaigns on social networks activated by cookies, based on event response. The result is a series of reminders that make it very difficult to forget about the purchase the user left behind.


#3. GoPro: Trust User-Generated Content

GoPro cameras are a favorite among adventures, adrenaline junkies, and athletes because they manage to record content that was nearly impossible to record using traditional cameras. Due to the nature of its product, GoPro is able to create spectacular content. 

One of their best marketing strategies is how they make it easy for their customers to share branded user-generated content. For example, GoPro’s editing programs create videos with easily recognizable start and end frames that feature GoPro’s logo and branding. GoPro then shares these videos on social media, which in turn inspires more users to create and post their own videos. 


#4. Sephora: Work Your Loyalty Programs

The cosmetics brand Sephora has a well designed and very effective loyalty program. Their “Beauty Insider” program divides customers into three levels according to their level of annual spending: Beauty Insider (no minimum costs) VIB (minimum spend of $350) and VIB Rouge (minimum spend of  $1000). The rewards at the highest level are extremely desirable, so it is very effective when it comes to incentivizing purchases for their customers. Also, VIB and VIB Rouge members receive high quality, extra discounts compared to Beauty Insider and non-members, further incentivizing their consumers. 

10 Marketing Strategy Examples


#5. Coca-Cola: Be Supportive

Many bands consider collaborating with charitable causes as part of their corporate social responsibility, but not all approaches prove to be successful. Coca-Cola is a good example of how solidarity causes can contribute to internationalize a brand and improve its image. 

Coca-Cola collaborates with many small programs focused on local communities. For example, it built 650 facilities to provide drinking water in the town of Beni Suef in Egypt and supports an initiative to improve school facilities in India.  


#6. Twitch: Focus on Your Niche

Twitch is one of the most successful social networks of recent times, and yet not many people know about it. That’s because Twitch is based on a single topic: broadcasting live video games. 

The secret to Twitch’s success is that they do aim to target everyone. In fact, they’ve done the exact opposite and decided to focus on a very specific niche and establish a relationship with their users.


#7. Nike: Promote Your Values

There are very few brands that are as recognizable as Nike and its “Just do it” slogan. From the beginning, this brand has focused its marketing on promoting brand values, such as overcoming adversity or innovation.

To convey this culture to its audience, Nike relies heavily on storytelling: ads that tell inspiring stories and provoke positive emotions in users. In addition, brand values are not only present in your marketing, but in everything you do. 

#8. Frito Lay: Launch Original and Fun Contests

In 2012, Lays surprised the world with an original social media contest: “Do Us a Flavor.” Audience reaction was immediate and enthusiastic, instantly making the campaign go viral. Since then, the contest has been repeated every year, with up to 4 million users participating annually. 


#9. WWF: Commitment to Creativity

The World Wildlife Foundation’s celebrated “Earth Hour” initiative is an event where people around the world voluntarily turn off their lights for an hour to show how easy it is to fight climate change. 

WWF launched a banner campaign in the mainstream Norwegian media to announce Earth Hour. If the user touched the banner their phone’s screen would turn completely black. Once they slid their fingers over it, a countdown for Earth Hour would show up. This original campaign was a success, and it managed to attract around 1 million impressions. 


#10. Red Bull: Take Risks

Red Bull is a brand that inspires their audience to challenge their limits, using never-done-before marketing campaigns. Perhaps one of their most famous sponsorships is Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the stratosphere. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their years of sponsorship of high-risk athletes. 

10 Marketing Strategy Examples

And that is exactly the word that defines your marketing strategy: risk. In the Baumgartner jump, and in all of the other brands’ campaigns, many things could have gone wrong, but these marketers knew that high risk equals high reward. We hope this list has left you feeling inspired and full of ideas for your marketing next strategy. 

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