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The Top Trends for Social Ads in 2023

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By Chantal India, on 5 January 2023

Want to give your social ads an extra boost in 2023? Are you struggling to increase the reach of your social media campaigns? Well, you've come to the right place. We have made a compilation of the top social ads trends that will bring you the best results in 2023. Let’s take a look!

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The Top Trends for Social Ads in 2023

The Top Trends That Will Revolutionize Social Ads in 2023

Influencer Generated Content to Give More Authenticity to Your Brand

It is no secret that working with influencers is a great way to increase the success of a campaign. And it seems like this will continue to be a prominent strategy in 2023, making it one of the most popular social ads trends.

Influencers have the ability to build audience trust, make your brand more relatable and engaging, and get your ad in front of more people.

It is possible to have Influencer-generated content without the need for a monetary exchange. Many influencers share their experience with a brand when the brand gives them a product or service to try or when they take commissions for sales, for example.

Be that as it may, we recommend that, if you haven't already done so, you start implementing content generation with influencers.

iOS14 Will Revolutionize Social Media Campaigns

iOS14 is the fourteenth update of Apple's operating system and has brought major changes in terms of user privacy on social networks. With its implementation, all Apple Store apps display a notice to the public about the tracking of their actions within the app. However, even if such a notice is accepted, the decision can be changed later and denied. In this way, it is the user who decides whether or not they want their activity to be recorded, something that has a direct effect on the advertising that takes place in the apps, with the brands that advertise being one of the biggest losers. In fact, many advertisers (among which you may find yourself) have noticed how their campaigns were losing effectiveness.

Omnichannel Campaigns: Social Networks and Email Marketing

One of the most successful trends in social ads is the evolution from multichannel to omnichannel campaigns.

One of the most successful ways of implementing omnichannel marketing in the advertising field is to link social networks with email marketing. A good way to do this is to encourage your followers to join your newsletter to receive exclusive offers and information.

2023 Will Be the Beginning of the End of Third-Party Cookies

Although Google has been announcing the end of third-party cookies for years, it seems that 2023 will be the definitive date of their disappearance, at least in part, because Google has pushed back the date to 2024.

With the exception of Google, there are many companies (such as the aforementioned Apple) that are working to provide users with a more secure experience.

Due to its imminent end, it is important that you prepare your company for when the disappearance of third-party cookies finally arrives. We recommend that you figure out new ways to track your users and create more personalized experiences.

Social Commerce

In the United States, nearly 45% of social network users have made a purchase through a social network, making social commerce a top social ads trend. In addition, it is estimated that social commerce represents almost 5% of all online commerce in the US.

You can use these platforms as a showcase to redirect them to the shopping area of your website or marketplaces. On Instagram, for example, the "Instagram Shopping" option has been enabled, which allows brands to display their products and services and even tag them in post in which they appear, so that users click and are redirected to the website, thus facilitating the entire purchasing process.

Branded Content on Instagram Reels

Reels arrived to revolutionize Instagram, turning photos into second-rate content on the platform. Today, Reels have a much greater reach than posts, so using them will allow you to reach a much larger audience and have a greater chance of attracting new customers.

Instagram Reels have room for a wide variety of content. Showing your product and its benefits, sharing valuable and informative content about your niche, talking about your brand values, or solving frequently asked questions are just some of the many ideas that you can carry out in this format.

Of course, being attentive to current trends is essential to increase your reach in Reels. For example, including trending music will increase your chances of success.

New Ways to Monetize YouTube in 2023

YouTube is one of the best places to develop your social ads strategy, and video marketing is consistently viewer’s favorite form of content year after year.

YouTube is aware of its potential and, therefore, has included a series of improvements for those who want to monetize their content on the platform:

  • Access to a large music library: The launch of Creator Music will allow creators to access a large catalog of music so that they do not have copyright issues.
  • Extension of the partner program: YouTube wants more creators to have the opportunity to earn revenue on its platform.
  • New ways to monetize Shorts: It is expected that by early 2023, content creators in the partner program will be able to receive revenue from ads appearing in their Shorts.

"Gifts": The New Way for Creators to Monetize Instagram

It seems that Instagram is developing a new feature for content creators to receive income through Reels. This new option would join the so-called "badges" that they can receive from their audience when making a live video.

According to the current information the public has, not all users will be able to access this form of monetization, although it is not yet known what the conditions will be to be part of the program.

Google Business Profile Allows You to Include Products to Promote Yourself

Now, Google Business Profile offers advertisers a new way to promote their products. What does this mean? It means that when customers search for your business on Google, they can also see a carousel of products of your choice. But not only can they see them, they also have the option to see the details of the product, view its general description, and click on a button to order the product online.

Adding products to your profile is very easy. You can do it manually through the product editor or with the application called Pointy.

Please note that this cannot be done with certain regulated products such as: alcohol, medicine, games, tobacco, supplements or financial services.

LinkedIn Ads Make It Easy for B2B Advertisers to Find New Audiences

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about LinkedIn. The business social network has released 3 new features dedicated to B2B companies that advertise on the platform:

  • Personal media library: You have the possibility to store your images and videos in your account to create ads more easily, being able to create at a time up to a total of 5.
  • Offline conversions: You can manually upload CSV files in the Campaign Manager section.
  • New audience insights: Free audience statistics are now also in Campaign Manager, which is helpful in identifying your target customers, their interests and their interactions with other content.

Pinterest Idea Ads

Ideas Ads is the new ad format for Pinterest which mean we couldn’t leave if off this list of social ads trends. It went live in June 2022, generating a lot of new opportunities on the platform for brands.

Its operation does not differ much from the ads of other social networks. Its distinctive feature is that it allows you to generate a much more immersive experience because you can publish multi-page ads that combine video and image.

Of course, you can only create Idea Ads on Pinterest if you have a business account on the social network, but this is nothing new, nor is the fact that the ads must meet a series of technical and text requirements.

Snapchat Offers Dynamic Ads for the Travel Industry

Are you a brand in the travel industry? Then this is of interest to you. Snapchat is trying to attract travel companies to its platform through the creation of "Dynamic Ads for Travel" with the intention of making it easier for them to reach the traveling public. In fact, the platform has reported that it will show such ads to users most interested in travel, as it claims that they are 37% more likely to make bookings after seeing such an ad.

You may think Snapchat social network has passed its prime, but the vast majority of its users are young people (Millennials and Generation Z), the most active traveling age group.

The Top Trends for Social Ads in 2023

TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM)

We end this list of trends in social ads with the arrival of a new way of putting content creators and brands in contact with each other, developed by the social network TikTok with the intention of jointly carrying out advertising campaigns.

Until now, companies contacted creators directly to offer them collaborations, but TikTok intends to change the rules of the game and also present itself as a kind of advertising agency that facilitates the meeting.

The Top Trends for Social Ads in 2023

This is very positive for brands, as it shows them a large number of potential profiles to collaborate with.

This is a real novelty because, until now, no social network had dared to use this type of intermediation.

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