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Effective Account Based Marketing: Inspirational Examples and Success Stories

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By Anna Ribas, on 9 August 2022

Account Based Marketing, or ABM, is one of the most successful tools in B2B marketing. In short, it is a strategy in which marketing and sales teams work together to create a fully personalized buying experience for high-value customers.

In this article, we'll review examples of effective account based marketing so that you can apply this strategy in your company.* Do you want to know the top digital marketing trends for 2024? Download our  free ebook to discover our top tips and predictions!Effective Account Based Marketing Inspirational Examples and Success Stories

Advantages of Account Based Marketing

  • Collaboration between marketing and sales teams, which leads to much more personalized shopping experience for consumers.
  • When marketing and sales teams work together, it can position a company as a competitive benchmark in its industry by unifying content, product information, campaigns and communications.
  • It improves the customer experience because it makes it possible to serve each customer as if he/she were the only one.
  • It provides a more accurate measure of ROI and what actions are profitable in the long-term.
  • The sales cycle becomes more simple because it focuses on the ideal target customers, which leads to an increased number of conversions and retention. To put it another way, you are investing in quality over quantity, which results in time and resources being invested only in very specific, high-value customers.

How to Apply Account Based Marketing in B2B

Although the way to apply Account Based Marketing may vary from one company to another depending on its sector or target audience, there are a number of elements that should be taken into account including having a well-functioning team as well as monitoring and measuring the results.

It is also essential to select the most valuable and profitable customers for this type of sales strategy, so you must spend time defining the exact profiles you want to target. Once this has been done, you can create a list of contacts to target.

After these steps are completed, you should prepare a contact strategy. The first impression is key. You'll need to decide how to present yourself, what to talk about, and what to show or offer.

In order to stand out from the competition, you should create personalized and exclusive content for different customers. You can use software that allows you to manage customer accounts, generate, content and track transactions.

Examples of Account Based Marketing

Now that you know the advantages of ABM and how to apply it, here are some successful ABM-based tactics you can use in your strategy!

1. Create Educational Content

Send users relevant educational content that's related to their company's sector or the products/services it offers. This content can include informative articles, webinars, or any other material that contains interesting and valuable data.

This is a way of creating interest in the product or service and identifying a need, as well as differentiating yourself from the competition and positioning yourself as a reference within the sector.

Content creation is also a key element for lead generation, but when it is aimed at companies, it must be much more specific and personalized for that type of customer. Remember to keep in mind SEO best practices as well!

2. Send Emails

Sending emails, as long as they are part of a good email marketing strategy, can be a very effective way to send relevant information to customers.

Remember to use personalization wherever possible, including in the subject line, body copy, greeting and sign-off, and more, so that the customer feels unique. You don't want to come off as spam.

3. Leverage Social Networks

Social networks are useful to reach a target audience. Through likes, comments, and shares, you can see who is interested in the company and its products or services.

LinkedIn is the social network that can best be used to reach a very specific target audience, especially through proper ad targeting. Twitter could also work well (depending on the sector). You can create customized lists and search for users by their emails.

4. Customize Your Website

You can customize content, images and any material or resource on a website to attract specific customers. In fact, some websites have exclusive content for businesses, which is often much more targeted.

You can offer your client access to original and high-quality content that is free and exclusive.

Account Based Marketing: Success Stories

GumGum is a company capable of viewing and analyzing the content of an entire web page using artificial intelligence. It launched a campaign to attract T-Mobile as a customer and get the attention of its CEO, John Legere. The company sought him out on social networks to get information about his personal and professional interests. They discovered that he was a fan of Batman and American comics.

GumGum then designed a very personalized advertising campaign inspired by the comic universe and his favorite superhero. It turned out to be a success, as it not only caught John Legere's attention, but T-Mobile became a client.

Another example is Intridea, a UX/UI design firm. It used a traditional advertising model to get the attention of the British advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. What it did was install a billboard right in front of its offices with the message "Ogle this, Ogilvy" along with a URL to contact them. You guessed right, Ogilvy ended up contacting Intridea.

There is no written rule on how to run an ABM campaign; it depends on the objective. What we do know is that the more personalized it is, the more eye-catching and attractive it will be for the client you want to attract.

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