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What Is a Shadowban on TikTok? Why It Happens and How to Fix It

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By Enric Llonch, on 23 August 2022

A shadowban on TikTok or social media is a silent restriction, when the platform stops showing an account's videos and content (essentially muting you) without notifying or alerting the owner of the account. It can be a total or partial ban, and it will directly affect the number of video and profile views your receive.

This happens when the content posted by an account does not comply with the established rules and regulations, for example posting hateful, violent, or sexual content, fake news, drugs, videos with copyrighted music or plagiarism, and more. Although it is moderated automatically, if multiple users report a video, a shadowban can occur.

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What Is a Shadowban on TikTok Why It Happens and How to Fix It

The fact that TikTok is not obliged to inform the account owner can make it difficult to know for sure whether or not you have been shadowbanned. The most striking indicator is a drastic drop in visits and views, and can be cause for concern. This is proof that the content is neither being displayed nor reaching users. There will also be a drop in reactions and comments. In addition, videos aren't loading or are in review for extended periods of time.

If all three situations occur at the same time, there is no doubt that it is a shadowban, which would require you to readjust your marketing strategy.

Tips to Remove a Shadowban From Your Account

If the TikTok account is a new one, the best option is to delete it and start from scratch. But if you already have a considerable number of followers and posts, you can try to make the shadowban period shorter by applying the following tips:

  • Delete the videos that may have caused it

  • Do not upload those videos again

  • Wait a few days before uploading new content

You can also try clearing the TikTok cache and uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your device.

The best way to avoid this type of penalty, however, is to know the most basic rules and regulations of TikTok and avoid posting videos with images or music that is copyrighted or contains nudity, sexual content, or revolves around illegal topics such as drugs, theft, and abuse. Very poor-quality videos can also be a reason for a penalty.

If you are publishing original, high-quality, and respectful content, the risk of being shadowbanned is reduced.

How Long Does the TikTok Shadowban Last?

One of the most frequently asked questions by users is how long TikTok hides and blocks content. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer, as it depends on the type of infraction that has been made. Usually, it lasts between two weeks and a month.

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