What Is a Microcast and How Can You Start One?

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By Tanit de Pouplana, on 14 February 2022

Podcasting has become a popular format for content in recent years. Recently, this format has evolved to include what's called a microcast.

Read on to find out what microcasts are and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy!

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What Is a Microcast and How Can You Start One

What Is a Microcast?

Microcasts are podcasts that last a maximum of 10 minutes, as opposed to the average length of 25-35 minutes for standard podcasts. The content is typically divided into segments so that the audience can listen and interact easily.

From a user experience standpoint, microcasts can be consumed quickly, making them a great choice for people to listen to at any time of the day.

Microcasts follow a short-form content format like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Because of this, digital users can consume a lot of content in a short time. Although microcasts are best suited for episodic content like news updates, with a little creativity, they can be adapted to any type of content, like a fiction series, for example.

3 Benefits of Micropodcasts

Microcasts are ideal if you want to publish audio content frequently or if your podcast only has one or two hosts. Creating them has several benefits:

  1. Because they are shorter episodes, the recording and editing process is faster.

  2. Short-form content attracts attention easily since it requires a small time investment.

  3. Short episodes are easier to share on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

How to Start a Microcast for Your Brand

If you already podcast long-form episodes, it could be a good idea to launch a secondary microcast channel with summaries and highlights of the episodes on your main channel. You can launch this in the same way as a conventional podcast, just be sure to choose a subject matter that is well suited to shorter episodes.

When promoting your podcast on various platforms, don't forget to include that it is a microcast and indicate the length of the episodes. This way, users will know what to expect from your content and how much time they need to invest to listen to it.

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