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What Is A Digital Ad Trafficker And What Are Its Functions?

By Laia Cardona, on 22 September 2020

In the digital marketing industry, new jobs and needs are constantly popping up, and demand for these skills is growing much faster than the supply of professionals. A great example of this are digital ad traffickers, who have gone from not existing to being one of the most sought-after professionals. But do you know what a digital ad trafficker does and what their functions are? We’ll explain everything you need to know.

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What is a Digital Ad Trafficker_

What Is a Digital Ad Trafficker?

Also referred to as an online ad trafficker, a digital ad trafficker is responsible for developing and implementing advertising campaigns on the Internet, in order to increase brand visibility and achieve marketing objectives. We could say that the main task of an ad trafficker is to buy high quality traffic and convert it into conversions.

The professional profile of a good ad trafficker is multidisciplinary, since in addition to having high-level knowledge of Internet advertising, they must also understand web programming, image editing, spreadsheets and HTML. Creativity and copywriting skills are also very important.

Despite being in the market for a short time, the figure of the digital ad trafficker has become essential for brands and has given rise to different specialties:

  • Ad Trafficker specialized in Social Ads. This job is in high demand, especially among infoproducers. Its specialty is advertising campaigns on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter.
  • Ad Trafficker specialized in Google Ads. This type of ad trafficker focuses on handling the complex interface of Google Ads and its different options, such as search ads, shopping and display.
  • Ad Trafficker specialized in ecommerce. Online stores are a natural specialization for ad traffickers, since ecommerce depends on online activities to attract and convert customers.
  • Ad Trafficker specialized in physical businesses. Physical stores require digital marketing efforts, as users often research online before buying offline. Therefore, ad traffickers specialized in physical stores will need to understand the particularities of the customer's journey.
  • Ad Traffickers specialized in Infoproducts: Infoproducts (online courses or informative materials) are becoming increasingly competitive, so the role of the ad trafficker is crucial to ensure the product’s visibility.

Day to Day Activities of Digital Ad Traffickers

  • Planning advertising campaigns on social media and Google Ads. This step should always start with an analysis of the company's objectives and the resources available to it, including the digital advertising campaigns it has previously carried out.
  • Implement the digital advertising campaigns in the different platforms. Usually, this includes performing A/B or multivariate tests and generating the corresponding creatives.
  • Tracking the results of the campaigns. Nowadays it is possible to analyze and measure user behavior almost in real time, so the ad trafficker will be in charge of monitoring the rhythm of the campaign and establish different control points.
  • Optimize campaigns and brand strategies based on the achieved results.

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