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Top Digital Signage Trends for 2022

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By Helena Alcoverro, on 28 April 2022

Digital signage is a type of digital advertising that is broadcast through devices that have screens, projectors, or touch screens. This advertising format, in addition to reinforcing a brand's image, has also become one of the best ways to deliver a message to the public.

Learn all about the top digital signage trends for 2022!

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The Importance of Digital Signage in Marketing

There are several reasons why a brand should incorporate digital signage into its marketing strategies:

  • The brand message can be conveyed in a much more effective and powerful way, which makes the audience remember it for longer and more easily.
  • Because it leaves a great impact on an audience, it can be very useful for promoting new products or services.
  • It makes the brand and its products or services more recognizable, especially when using a font or color that defines the company.
  • It helps generate greater trust and loyalty among customers.
  • It can help a brand achieve its goals and boost its bottom line.

6 Digital Signage Trends for 2022

1. Video Walls

A video wall consists of several monitors tiled side by side or overlapping to form a larger screen. Although sometimes it can also be a single monitor of large dimensions. It is a system that captures the attention of the audience in an effective and immediate way through the use of visual explosions. That is, with images that are very difficult to ignore, either by the colors, the movement, or the content itself.

Top Digital Signage Trends for 2022

Source: Digital Signage Today

2. Social Media and Digital Signage

Social media is one of the most used channels by brands to reach audiences, but it is also becoming more and more complicated to stand out on it. The goal is for brands to connect digital signage with social media to make their brand presence stand out more.

3. Health and Safety Reminders

Brands will want to convey an image of safety both internally and with customers, so there will continue to be content related to health and safety reminders. The goal is for it to be comprised of very visual, attractive, and interactive elements. This is one of the most striking and impactful ways to reach the target audience.

4. Internal Communication

Just like health and safety reminders, companies will start to launch internal communications with audiovisual elements. Doing so reaches people in a more impactful way. Additionally, when it comes to communicating urgent messages, they are conveyed in a much more convenient and effective way when coupled with digital signage.

5. Art Exhibitions

One of the advantages of digital signage is that it adapts to any space, so you can make an art exhibition anywhere, anytime. Through screens, you can display digital paintings and sculptures, as well as play short films or any other audiovisual content. This will create a unique way to disperse the content and create brand awareness. In addition, you can use as many screens as you consider and each of them can play, for a certain time, what you want.

6. Gamification and Interaction

The creation of games, contests, and interactive content is the final trend for digital signage in 2022. By doing this, you can make the public feel like they are part of an advertising campaign. For example, you can display questions, riddles, or games of all kinds for consumers to engage with.

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