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Christmas Marketing: 40 Tips and Tricks for Your Holiday Campaigns

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By Cyberclick Team, on 2 December 2019

Christmas is just right around the corner! Whether you started your Christmas marketing campaigns in August or are just trying to make it through Black Friday, we’re sharing 40 Christmas marketing tips that are sure to secure your spot on the nice list this year.

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Christmas Marketing Tips: Preparation

1. Start in July: Yes, you read that right! We recommend planning and starting your advertising efforts in July since advertising is much more expensive around Christmas time. Start attracting users in the early stages of the conversion funnel months in advance.

2. Launch Brand Awareness Campaigns in September and October: Once you do this, you can begin launching retargeting campaigns in November, as Christmas approaches.

3. Include Christmas campaigns in your annual digital marketing plan: This will ensure that you’ll be prepared and have the necessary budget, long before you hear any sleigh bells ringing.

4. Don’t forget about your inventory: As demand increases throughout December, it is necessary to reinforce your stock well in advance to ensure that the products are available and that resources invested in the campaigns are not wasted.

5. Conduct SEO focused on Christmas marketing: Keep in mind that, according to Google data, users start looking for ideas for Christmas gifts in August. Be sure to give yourself enough time to be able to position organically.

6. Create a community around your brand throughout the year: Having an active base of users interested in your brand (for example, through a Facebook group, the community of an app, or other channels) will give you a fantastic platform to build upon your Christmas marketing campaign.

7. Prepare a schedule of activities: To launch a campaign successfully, you have to fit many different pieces, from creative to technical aspects, into one big campaign puzzle. Preparing a timeline in advance will help you get everything in order for the most wonderful time of the year.

8. Strengthen your customer service staff: Christmas is accompanied by a higher volume of orders and more customer service requests, so make sure your team is prepared.

9. Develop landing pages for specific products and promotions: Landing pages are another task that you need to “do your homework” in advance, especially if you are going to try to position them using SEO.

10. Keep calm! For marketers, the weeks before Christmas can be a totally frantic time. But if you manage to prepare in advance, you’ll be able to experience a little bit of Christmas magic in your marketing campaign this season.

Christmas Marketing Tips: Discounts and Promotions

11. Send Advances on Your Discounts: For example, you can send a Black Friday teaser to your database on the Monday of that week to create expectation and awareness.

12. Make your promotions different: Marketing during Christmas is super effective since users are already primed to buy. Take advantage of this time through more direct and bold campaigns.

13. Launch offers for exclusive products: Many types of companies can offer “special Christmas” product lines, so think about how that could fit your brand. Consumers enjoy these special product lines as they often serve as easy presents to give.

14. Create special gift cards: For example, you can create a 75 euro gift card that can be exchanged for 100 euros on certain types of products, or only during a few key dates.

15. Optimize your shipping and return policy: Although users are increasingly accustomed to buying online, shipments and returns are still pain points. Be sure to always make the delivery times and the refund policy very clear, and think about whether you can improve your conditions during the Christmas shopping period (for example, with free shipping for orders over x amount of money.)

Christmas Marketing Tips: Communication and Creativity

16. Decorate your website: A very simple trick, but it can reinforce the branding and brand experience for customers. Add a few special touches to your website to add a festive spirit.

17. Sell a lifestyle, not just a product: Every year, thousands of brands compete to get the attention of consumers during the holidays. If you want to differentiate yourself, focus your communication on the lifestyle of your brand and not just on the products.

18. Be original: Users are saturated with advertising, so generic Christmas marketing campaigns no longer convince them. Think about how you can give your message an extra Christmas sparkle to stand out.

19. Make the most of Christmas Spirit: The Christmas season is a great time to emphasize corporate social responsibility and charitable causes. Show customers what you really care about and demonstrate that you don’t just care about sales.

20. Surprise your customers: We all expect to receive messages from companies on the same key days (Black Friday or Cyber Monday for example), which diminishes the impact and increases competition. Instead, surprise users with a message at a time when they don’t expect it.

21. Segment the messages: Christmas is no excuse to send the same email to your entire database. You should always be segmenting as much as possible to ensure relevant content goes to relevant audiences.

22. Tell a story: If you just talk about offers, discounts, and promotions, users will not remember you. Take a cue from the classic A Christmas Carol, and tell them the story of your brand and connect with them on a more emotional level.

23. Create a sense of urgency: A classic marketing trick that goes very well during the holiday season, especially Black Friday, is including countdown markers in your emails and other communications for different Christmas promotions.

Christmas Marketing Tips: Channel Strategy

24. Coordinate your campaign to be cohesive in different media: All channels should show a unique presentation of the same campaign, or focus on unique opportunities within a broader campaign.

25. Align campaigns and strategies: Remember that all your channels must act in a coordinated manner to meet the company’s global marketing objectives.

26. Think cross-channel: Today, users use several devices and receive multiple contacts throughout their customer journey. Therefore, you have to look for a broad vision and take into account interactions between channels.

27. Create specific Google Ads for Christmas: Although they have a high level of competition, campaigns focused on keywords such as “gifts for athletes” can be very effective.

28. Use Instagram: Instagram is the fastest growing social network in recent years and also has a social ads platform integrated with Facebook, so Christmas can be a good time to strengthen your presence here.

29. Find channels that your competition is ignoring: Pinterest, Quora, YouTube, etc., are all sites that have millions of users, but most brands ignore them. Take advantage of them to launch your Christmas campaigns in a less saturated environment.

30. Launch with Amazon Ads: Amazon’s advertising platform continues to implement new offerings and is a very interesting niche for marketers.

31. Squeeze your email marketing: If you have spent the whole year expanding your database, Christmas is the time to take advantage of it! Of course, keep in mind that at this time the inboxes are full of promotional emails, so you will have to be extra creative with the subject lines.

32. De retargeting campaigns: Another great way to take advantage of the information about users that you have been collecting throughout the year.

Christmas Marketing Tips: Optimization

33. Find out what you want your customers to do: The meaning of marketing during Christmas (and at any other time) is to get users to perform a certain action at the lowest possible cost.

34. Do ad hoc tests: The conclusions of the A/B Tests at Christmas do not have to be applied at other times of the year, and vice versa. Therefore, it is better to start doing micro-tests from the beginning of the campaign and implement the results in real-time.

35. Focus on what you are best at: While it’s always interesting to experiment with new options, Christmas is a period in which you benefit play a good part from your brand work throughout the year, so it is always a good idea to focus the budget on options with guaranteed results.

36. Pay extra attention to mobile channels: Or better yet, think first of mobile and then adapt to desktop.

37. Do not forget about loyalty: The icing on the Christmas marketing cake is to get users to stay with you, so look for strategies to build loyalty for next year.

38. Experiment with your pricing strategy: During Christmas, customers are actively looking to buy, so you can afford to risk a bit more.

39. Do not lose sight of the overall objectives: It is easy to get carried away by the maelstrom and think only in the short term, but remember that December is only more month. Think about how to fit your Christmas campaigns into general strategies.

40. Follow the results in real-time: Set goals for days or weeks and a contingency plan if the results are not as expected.

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