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7 Tips on How to Use Google Gemini

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By Tanit de Pouplana, on 14 May 2024

Google Gemini is an AI-powered tool that serves as an alternative conversational system to ChatGPT. This means that interaction with Google Gemini (formerly called Bard) occurs through messages. But, how can you get the most out of this tool and how can you apply it to marketing? Read on as we share 7 tips and tricks to help you maximize the usefulness of this AI tool.

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Tips on How to Use Google Gemini

1. Specify the Audience or Context

Unlike other AI tools, Google Gemini can provide responses tailored to a specific audience and adapt to different contexts. Providing more information about your target audience or situation results in more accurate responses. Additionally, you can provide an initial sentence or paragraph for Gemini to follow in terms of style and tone.

For example: "Give me a list of places to visit in New York for families traveling with children." In this case, Gemini will list places that may interest families, considering the presence of children.

2. Indicate the Format

By default, Google Gemini generates text as a response, but if a specific format is desired, such as tables, rows, columns, etc., simply specify it for the tool to generate a response tailored to that request. This functionality is useful when structured information is needed.

For example: "I need a table with monthly minimum and maximum temperatures in Barcelona." Gemini will create a table with the requested information.

3. Use Numbers to Specify Length or Other Details

Like other conversational AI tools, Gemini tends to provide responses or generate texts that are sometimes too lengthy. If a brief and concise result is desired, you can specify the maximum number of characters, words, sentences, ideas, etc.

For example: "Give me a 500-word summary of Don Quixote." In this case, instead of a lengthy text, Gemini will provide a summary within the specified length.

4. Provide a Text Fragment

Although Gemini can generate content based on instructions, you can also ask it to continue something that has already been started. This is useful when seeking a very specific tone or when providing the tool with a particular context.

For example: "I need you to continue and finish this text: Gemini is a very cool and fun tool for getting interesting responses and information."

Gemini continues: "Can you imagine being able to talk to a machine that answers any question, writes poems, translates texts, and helps you learn new things? That's the magic of Gemini!"

5. Use It to Rewrite or Improve Content

If existing content needs improvement or modification, Gemini can quickly handle this task. Simply paste the text and request adjustments to the tone and style, or ask it to reduce the number of words without losing the text's meaning. You can also request a translation or a summary of an article.

6. Ask More Questions if the Expected Response Isn't Obtained

If the response from Google Gemini isn't as you expected, simply ask more questions or provide more information. The tool is capable of understanding that the next request or question is related to the previous one even if it's not explicitly stated.

For example: "How much does it cost to travel to Iceland?"

If Gemini responds with a vague answered we can specify things like how long your trip will be, how many people will be traveling, and the type of accommodation you have in mind. You can continue adding details about your trip until you get a solid answer.

7. Verify Results by Searching on Google

Some information may be outdated, so it's essential to verify that the data is correct by quickly searching on Google. In fact, Gemini has a button that allows you to verify the response.

What Is Gemini Advanced?

Gemini Advanced is a much smarter version of Gemini, allowing for much more complex and sophisticated tasks. The only drawback is that it is a paid service, so to use this version and benefit from its advantages and functionalities, you need to subscribe to a paid plan. It is currently available in 150 countries, making it an excellent option for professionals and businesses looking to make the most of this AI-powered tool.

There are three types of plans: Gemini Ultra, the most powerful; Gemini Pro, the intermediate model; and Gemini Nano, ideal for carrying out tasks on mobile devices.

In addition to having access to Google's best AI, Gemini Advanced provides up to 2 TB of cloud storage, exclusive editing features via Google Photos, and enhancements in Google Meet and Calendar, among other things.

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