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AI Email Marketing: How It Works and Examples

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By Anna Ribas, on 12 September 2023

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a part of our lives, so we want to talk about how to apply it to email marketing. Many organizations have already started to use email marketing tools with AI, and as this can save money and get good results. Let's take a look at how AI can help you with your email marketing strategy.

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AI Email Marketing How It Works and Examples

How Does Artificial Intelligence Apply to Email Marketing?

AI is the ability to be creative, reason, plan, and learn. It does this by learning from data and understanding patterns.

AI tools are able to perform email marketing tasks that are normally done by humans. This can free workers from more mechanical tasks and give them time for more creative or strategic ones.

Why Use Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing?

AI applied to email marketing can have many benefits, both in the long and short term:

  • Personalization: As mentioned above, AI is able to learn from data. Applied to email marketing, it has the ability to know the history of customers and their browsing habits, thus being able to tailor different aspects of emails to each individual to improve email performance.
  • Profitability: Using AI tools in email marketing strategies has been shown to increase revenue and reduce costs. In fact, it is proven that unsubscribe and open rates are likely to improve.
  • Efficiency: It allows you to launch large-scale email marketing campaigns quickly and easily.
  • Automation: It can perform specific tasks much faster than any human being.
  • Scalability: It makes it easy for businesses to grow without having to invest large amounts of staff and money in the process.

Ways to Apply Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing

Now that you know some of the benefits that AI can bring to your company, and more specifically to your email marketing strategy, let's look at how this technology can help the team in charge of this strategy.

Writing Compelling Subject Lines

The subject line is the first thing that subscribers, leads, or customers will see in an email and, therefore, it is one of the most important elements of an email. Many times, the success or failure of an email marketing campaign depends on something as small as the subject line. There are AI tools, such as ChatGPT, that can help us with this task and improve your open rate. There are also AI tools that create subject lines after having analyzed the metrics of your previous campaigns.

Improve and Speed Up Segmentation

Segmentation is a very important technique in an email marketing strategy. It is used to group different email recipients according to their interests and thus send them personalized content. AI can do this based on buying behavior, information the individuals themselves have provided, and information in your CRM, so your team doesn't have to do it manually, which is time-consuming and more prone to error. In short, it's AI that knows which products appeal to X customers and which content will appeal to them the most.

Create the Body of the Message

Click-through rate is also very important when analyzing the performance of an email marketing campaign. It tells you how many times a person has clicked on any of the buttons or links inside an email. If this number is low, the content of the email probably needs to be revised. AI can also help you with this by inspiring your copywriting team and indicating what kind of messages and tones work best.

Improve Recommended Articles

Many companies take advantage of a section of their newsletters to recommend some of the products or services that may interest readers the most. Or, after the customer has visited their online store, they automate a personalized recommendation email based on their web journey. This is a very effective strategy, especially within the hotel industry and in retail companies.

Artificial intelligence is also used extensively in this regard, as well as when sending cart abandonment emails, which work in a very similar way.

Optimize Delivery Schedules

AI can be programmed to analyze each subscriber's time zone and, based on that data, send mail at a certain time. This way your team can avoid manual scheduling.

Perform A/B Tests

Finally, AI can be of great help when it comes to performing an A/B test and knowing which email is going to work best based on data from previous campaigns.

Can AI Replace the Work of Email Marketing Teams?

As far as AI copywriting capabilities go, no. Human action is still necessary and these AI tools serve more as support or as an element of inspiration.

If we look at other more technical tasks, then yes, AI can replace the work that used to be done by a person. This can free your team from tedious tasks and allow them to focus on more valuable work.

Best AI tools for Your Email Marketing Strategy


This platform optimizes audience segmentation and personalizes messages for greater relevance. HubSpot's AI enables automation of routine tasks, such as sending follow-up emails, saving valuable time for the team.

In addition, it offers advanced analytics to understand subscriber behavior and improve marketing strategies. With HubSpot and its AI, companies can boost efficiency, increase customer interaction and achieve more effective results in their email marketing campaigns.


This is an email marketing platform that includes automation and AI to its processes.


This tool helps you optimize email marketing processes with send optimization, personalization, and A/B testing features.


One of the most comprehensive email marketing tools equipped with a wealth of automation features.


This chat launched by OpenAI answers questions and is capable of generating complex texts, both creative and informative, which makes it a great ally for copywriters.

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