What Is Quiet Mode on Instagram? How It Works and How to Use It

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By Chantal India, on 12 April 2023

Although there are studies that say that the use of cell phones should be limited to two hours a day, it is estimated that the average is almost five hours and that about half of that time is spent on social media. This has led Instagram to have a new feature, Quiet Mode. What is Quiet Mode on Instagram? Read on to find out!

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What Is Quiet Mode on Instagram


What Is Quiet Mode on Instagram?

Instagram's Quiet Mode is a feature that pauses notifications and sends an automatic response warning of inactivity to users who send you a private message. In other words, it updates status from active to inactive.



This is one of Instagram's most striking new features to date. Unlike what it's done so far, which has been incorporating features that serve to retentain users, this one aims to do the opposite. It helps people concentrate and disconnect from the social network.

Quiet Mode is available in a few countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, but the idea is that it will soon reach many others.


What Does Quiet Mode on Instagram Do?

Quiet Mode aims to increase concentration, improve rest, and limit the use of Instagram, since the average time spent by users on this platform has been increasing, and becoming a distraction that harms performance. In other words, the main objective is for Instagram to become a less toxic and invasive social network and to serve as entertainment within healthy time limits.

To achieve this, when Quiet Mode is activated, your status goes from active to inactive. Your notifications will be muted and people who send you a private message will receive an automatic response informing them of your status. When this mode is deactivated, pending notifications will be received.

In general, this functionality is very similar to the one that mobile devices already have, such as Rest, Work, or Do Not Disturb on iOS and Android. However, in this case only Instagram will be inactive. Additionally, other users will know that your notifications have been paused and that they will not get an immediate response.


How to Activate Quiet Mode Step by Step

Enabling Quiet Mode is very simple! You just need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Settings tab and click on Notifications.

  2. Under Notifications you should see the Quiet Mode option. If it does not appear, it may be because this functionality is not yet active in your country or that your Instagram is not updated.

  3. If the Quiet Mode option appears, click on it and choose the number of hours of inactivity.

Once these steps have been taken, Quiet Mode will be activated. During the number of hours indicated, you will not receive any notifications from Instagram. 


Other New Features on Instagram

In addition to Quiet Mode, Instagram has announced other new features that are also quite striking, such as Hidden Words.

This is a feature that will allow users to hide recommendations, posts, and comments containing specific words. The most characteristic feature of Hidden Words is that each user will be able to choose these terms in Settings > Privacy > Interactions. Right there you should see this option and be able to choose the words or phrases you want to block.

The aim of Hidden Words is for the user to receive content that is more in line with their interests and values, thus avoiding offensive, harmful, or simply uninteresting messages.

The other new feature is "I'm not interested", which allows you to hide posts that are not interesting or that do not provide valuable information. 

This new feature is located in Explore and you just have to click on a post and then click on I'm not interested in the pop-up window that will appear at the bottom. From the moment you indicate that certain content is not relevant or interesting to you, Instagram's algorithm will try not to show it to you.

Analyzing the new features that Instagram has rolled out, we can conclude that the social network is working towards improving the user experience by ensuring that people are shown relevant, interesting, and quality content. However, for now we will have to wait until these features are available in all countries and we can all enjoy them.

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